The Mini-Obsession Continues

I know I’m not alone on this one, because MacAoidh showed me the traffic from the post I did on the Heineken commercial song.

You guys dig that blonde chick singin’ that song too. Go ahead and admit it; you like her. She’s hot. She’s got kind of a Julie Andrews-on-smack-meets-Meg Ryan thing goin’.

She’s also Danish. Her name is Mette Lindberg, which is even more Danish than Hamlet.

Danish rock singers? Yep. We have those now.

This band she’s in? Asteroids Galaxy Tour? Dumb name for a band, but naturally that’s because they’re Danish. English as a second language and all that – none of those people can ever come up with good names for stuff. Explains her funny accent, too.

Well, they don’t just sing the Heineken song. They’ve got other ones, too.

This one you’ve probably heard as well, because Apple used it for an iPod Touch commercial they did a couple of years ago…

Apple used the song. They didn’t use the video. You couldn’t sell whiskey to a troop train with that video. The song’s what’s important, and it’s catchy. Even in the video, Miz Mette’s nice-lookin’ – and I like that hat. Reminds me of my Aunt Bea.

Apparently the first song they did that got them noticed was this one. Kinda snappy tune.

And if this one doesn’t end up on a James Bond movie soundtrack I’d be a little surprised.

They even did a cover of that Safety Dance song that all the drunks used to think was the bomb back when the Celtics were the ugliest team in the NBA…

Speaking of drunks, this one pretty much will get you drunk just listening to it. Drunk on Danish funk, bay-bee.

There’s more, but I’ll stop. Point is, these guys haven’t been around all that long and they’re managing to get some attention. Amy Winehouse had them open up for her when she was still vertical, and apparently Katy Perry has, too. All the nutria down here in Barataria can’t stop hummin’ that “wish I was in the golden age” deal.

And when you can sell beer and iPods, well – you’re a commodity. Even if you’re Danish.



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