Barack Obama’s Clown College Valedictory Address

The morning started with a bang today as I immediately accessed my archival footage of Obama’s America Job Act (AJA) performance. I wanted to re-watch it because the many headlines seemed to harp on Obama saying the “political circus” conducted in Washington must stop.

Mr. Obama has this idea we agree with everything he says. This thought might be engendered and understood by witnessing the Democratic Party sheep leaping to their feet every time he passes more of his political gas. They jump like parents appreciating every new power-packed diaper showing the baby’s doing his job. The results smell about as good.

This is a projected $447 Billion dollar regurgitation of past failed efforts to pass another stimulus. It’s another $447 Billion he wants to add to an already devastating and crippling national debt that’ll one day relegate us to a steady diet of ramen noodles as opposed to the economic nourishment we’re accustomed to. We owe trillions of dollars to a country (China) that has a standing army with numbers greater than several western states’ populations. Why keep pushing the national indebtedness to a point where China can foreclose on our children’s futures?

Obama; you said this “will be paid for”. By whom? Certainly not you. What part of “you can’t spend your way to prosperity” have you got a problem understanding? Is it because you believe printing more and more scrip approaching worthlessness will really “energize” the economy? Is your head stuck so firmly and irrevocably up your ideology you can’t see America wants SPENDING DECREASES and CONTROL? We want your grubby hands out of our pockets and off of our wallets. Capisci? (I asked if you understand in Italian. You obviously don’t understand American Idiomatic English.)

Obama; you said: “those of us here tonight can’t solve all of our nation’s woes.” No kidding; but do you think you could at least STOP being a major contributor to those woes?

Again, Obama comes to the arena holding a brightly polished shield. As his majestic glow reflects off of the surface we can’t see he has no sword. We’re expected to be dazzled by his brilliance while he continues to keep the shiny object holding our attention so he can sneak up and hit us with a club. We’re expected to pass the AJA so we can be given a chance to look at it completely; later.

This guy just won’t explain how he plans to do anything. And he does it because he has no clue as to how to accomplish this on his own. He has no clue how to do anything other than speak the articulated drivel his speech-writers have burned into his Teleprompter screens. His partisan, well-connected, college educated theoretician yes-men sculpt, hammer and polish what they say is Michelangelo’s “David”. What comes out is a grotesque photo-negative rendition of the “Pieta” by Salvador Dali. But, we’re expected to accept it in the spirit in which it’s offered. It’s NOT what we want and it’s NOT acceptable.

This is an obvious attempt to add debt to the top of the debt ceiling, where it can’t be seen and recognized. The ceiling’s at a height that can only be described as stratospheric and Obama wants to put into orbit around another planet.

Okay. Tax the top ONE Percent of the taxpaying citizens, the million-trillionaires; the ultra-rich. Hit their personal income tax as much as you hit mine. Go ahead and personalize the accusation of favoritism in the tax codes without FIXING the tax codes. But, leave their businesses (businesses creating jobs) out of the mix you stir because, by law, a corporation is viewed as a “person”. Now show me how your tax increase will benefit the economy.

It’s suggested, if you want to be thought of as the Ringmaster trying to control the show this political circus has become, you stop behaving like the latest graduate of the Clown College. That’s no way to be the driving force behind American economic policy.

Your playing with the United States economy and our children’s future isn’t something we appreciate when it concerns our kids being in debt eternally.

Thanks for listening.



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