Fleming: Class Warfare Doesn’t Produce Jobs

From MSNBC earlier today, Rep. John Fleming adds a personal touch in response to this “soak the rich” narrative Obama is attempting to lay down. Fleming has a bunch of Subway stores and UPS stores in the northwest part of the state, and he nets about $600,000 a year off those – which makes him the target of Obama’s new tax-hikes-that’ll-get-the-economy-going-again plan.

The hostess spews typically lefty babble at him. He handles it well.

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The only criticism we’d make is that when she starts in with the “you’re not very sympathetic to middle class people with your 400K take-home” stuff, he could have been a bit stronger. He could have said “well, tax $100,000 of that so I can’t put it back into my business and you just killed two $50,000-a-year jobs I could have created, or a half-dozen kids I could have given a first job to and gotten them started down the road toward being productive citizens. Do you think the government could get a half-dozen kids into the workforce for $100,000?”

Of course, the last two minutes of the clip is Ezra Klein, who’s completely full of shit in saying that “no economist” agrees that tax increases have an overrated effect on government revenue. That’s a lie.

But then, it’s MSNBC. Go on MSNBC and you’re certain to run up against Democrat propaganda.



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