If You’re Gonna Run For Governor, It’s Probably A Good Idea To Protect Your Public Image…

….and maybe scrub your MySpace page for things that could be embarrassing.

Or at least not to do anything embarrassing less than a week before you qualify.

This would have been pretty good advice for this dude Lenny Bollingham, who qualified today and whose MySpace page is more colorful than what you’d see from a regular politician.

For example…

Or maybe this…

Jindal’s got nothin’ on that, fa sho.

And there are videos. Because Lenny’s an amateur filmmaker.

In this one, he shows off a Willie Mosconi vibe. Jindal can’t run a table like this dude, though once yer through watchin’ it we’re not gonna be talkin’ ’bout exorcisms and how funky that was for Jindal to write about anymore.

The Bobbi Pin

Lenny | Myspace Video

And we’ve got another one, which might be a little tougher to get through (if you wait until Act 3 you’ll see the part where he’s talking about passing out during sex, which doesn’t exactly scream “serious contender for statewide office”)…

Resurrecting New Orleans

Lenny | Myspace Video

There’s also a coloring book about Santa Claus.

And a Facebook page.

A little taste of the flavor…

Nope. I’ve got no idea what he’s talkin’ about.

Sure, he’s nuts. So is Foster Campbell, and people actually kinda-sorta pay attention to him. Besides, Joe Biden is Vice President and I don’t see much difference.

And hey – at least ol’ Lenny put himself out there. That’s more than you can say for the Democrats so far, right?



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