Nungesser’s New Ad Hammers Dardenne On Taxes, Illegal Aliens

If the conventional wisdom has it that this election cycle will be boring, we at least now have our exception.

That would be the Lieutenant Governor’s race.

An ad for challenger Billy Nungesser which hasn’t hit the airwaves yet slams incumbent Jay Dardenne for his voting record while in the state senate, charging Dardenne with having been tax-friendly, soft on abortion and overly chummy on illegal aliens.

The video…

(In case the embed doesn’t load, watch it here.)

It’s pretty strong stuff, though it’s not completely unexpected since it echoes what lots of people have said about Dardenne since he was in the legislature.

It’s also not particularly germane to the position at hand. The Lieutenant Governor in Louisiana doesn’t do anything about taxes, illegal immigration or abortion. But Nungesser wants the election to be about leadership and ideology, because he thinks he has the upper hand on Dardenne, and as we’ve said before he sees the position more as Governor-in-waiting than the guy who runs culture and tourism.



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