Maxine Waters Sure Knows How To Juice That Economy, Doesn’t She?

Great solution from Congress’ pre-eminent moron – extort the banks by promising to tax them to death unless they capitulate to deadbeat mortgagees.

Waters’ prescriptions are idiotic enough on their face, but what’s worse is the contempt she has for her audience. Waters knows “taxing them to death” isn’t on the table, because there will never be enough Maxine Waterses in Congress to pass new bank taxes. And she also probably ought to know, though this we can’t take for granted, that should the banks succumb to the threats she suggests that would be the end of their EVER extending loans to people who live in neighborhoods like the ones Maxine Waters represents. Because if you don’t have a recourse against people who can’t or won’t pay their debts, you don’t loan them money in the first place.

This isn’t really about Maxine Waters anymore. What it’s really about is her constituents. They elected this clown to Congress; they’re responsible, and they ought to be made to pay for it until they get rid of her.

Whatever federal dollars are spent in Waters’ district need to be the first dollars cut from the budget. That ought to go for other Congressional embarrassments as well – Barney Frank, Sheila Jackson Lee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Frederica Wilson, Charlie Rangel, Raul Grijalva, Jan Schakowsky, Andre Carson, Keith Ellison and whoever else has disgraced the institution with race-baiting, abject socialism or blatant corruption.

Of course, in Waters’ case we have all three. So she’s a great place to start.



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