Obama’s Energy Policy Is A Trip To The Alkali Well

Each day gives me the chance to appreciate just what a great nation we live in. Only in America can a man of mixed race, carrying a personal history of loss and final triumph over the adversity of his personal challenges rise to a level of personal success.

I’m speaking, of course, about me.

Everything Barack Obama touches turns to manure. Healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and increased governmental interference (regulation) have become hallmarks of the incompetence displayed by this man and his feckless minions in Congress.

The man made his first mistake when he crawled out of the shadows while answering the questions of a guy nick-named “Joe the Plumber”. Obama said he wanted to “spread the wealth around” meaning Joe’s (and your) efforts would supplement the efforts of others not at your economic level to earn equivalent tax breaks because you’re making up the difference. How neat is that?

It’s neat in two senses; 1) Obama instantly showed his anti-capitalist views and 2) exposed his socialist/ Marxist education belief systems. That’s a two-fer folks. So why doesn’t anybody listen? Everybody loves a freebie, unless you’re the one supplying it from your inventory.

Obama and his “Regulators” (sound like Billy the Kid?) keep their collective boots on the throat of the American Petroleum industry daily. It started with pie-in-the-sky drives to build the alternative energy programs proving to be boondoggles as we speak.

Solar energy and Wind Power? Show me how they’re going to power American industry. Never mind. Nafta, Cafta and the alphabet soup charged with sending manufacturing jobs out of country decreased the electrical needs of any industry. Okay. Show me how that propeller thingy is going to power my car. Oh. It doesn’t, but the Chevy Volt will lead the way to energy savings. Obama’s a Dolt because he thinks the electricity comes from the hot air he and his minions pass regularly. The bloody thing needs to be plugged into a coal-fired or nuclear power plant to recharge the batteries, you twit.

Instead of promoting available energy options such as American Oil and Gas, two fuels capable of creating energy self-sufficiency in America, Obama maintains restrictions on drilling in the gulf and along the Atlantic and Pacific seaboards. Yes. Accidents happen and spills occur. But government regulation heaped interminably on top of older regulations without the demand for ethical enforcement of the already codified laws is stupid.

Yes. I just called Obama and his cronies stupid. Get over it.

Ken Salazar has to be one of the most inept stewards of American Energy resources yet. He’s a square peg of inarticulate restrictions and regulations stuffed into every possible pipeline of energy delivery in America. He’s complicit (along with his predecessors on both sides of the aisle and his ready supply of ultra-partisan tree hugging parasites) in the opportunistic (and I think graft-influenced) move Obama perpetrated against America when sending our tax dollars to Brazil to support George Soros. The bucks lost are in the billions. That’s your money keeping a Brazilian well-worker in high cotton while our oilfield workers work part-time or draw unemployment benefits. Obama wants those benefits available until he’s re-elected, by the way. You know, just enough to keep you going.

There’s an old cowboy admonishment about taking what only looks beneficial when you’re desperate. It goes: Keep drinking from that alkali well. It’ll kill you sooner than later.

In Louisiana and Mississippi there are 155,000 workers on the “crude production” side of the equation without work. Thank Obama and Salazar with their obstructionist restrictions. None of this is even near the number of jobs at risk in ancillary oilfield industries, the industries supplying the needs of oilfield workers – and those companies suffer losses in the billions. You can’t buy the car without a job to make the payments. The company can’t buy the trucks to supply the needs of the drillers and pipeline personnel to service the pipelines and equipment. Food doesn’t get bought for the workers on rigs in the gulf. On and on it goes.

This once was called trickle-down; the manner one industry helps another to profit. Now the way Obama’s doing it, it’s called tinkle down.

Thanks for listening.



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