OK, So That Saints Game Didn’t Turn Out All That Hot…

…at least we’ve got this to look forward to this weekend.

A thought for you. Let’s say you’re Mickey Loomis or Sean Payton or Greg Williams and you get offered a straight-up trade – your secondary for LSU’s two-deep in the defensive backfield.

Do you take the trade?

I bet I know what Les Miles’ answer is. He’ll chew on some of that fescue he’s got, tell you to have a GREAT day and run off in the other direction. He wouldn’t trade his DB’s for any secondary that has Roman Harper in it.

They tell me Northwestern State had to come from 17 down at the half to beat Delta State (they’re Division 2, aren’t they?) by one point last week. And they tell me the starting quarterback got in a fight with the coaches at halftime and pretty much got kicked off the team by the start of the third quarter.

I wouldn’t say Northwestern State is ready for Death Valley. What I would say is a mudhole’s about to be stomped in somebody’s butt.

And even though it’s a rent-a-win game, that’ll take the sting out of gettin’ ripped by Green Bay.



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