On Taxes: When Barry Met Sauly

Barack Obama’s primer for social change comes from his understanding of Marx’s Communist Manifesto and Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky. It’s a dominant strand of his DNA derived from a Kenyan Marxist father and a Communist sympathizer mother. As a community organizer, his implementation of the edicts and instructional data offered by Saul Alinsky are a matter of biography and history. He can’t escape the obvious.

He can camouflage his efforts with rhetoric and allusions to “millionaires and billionaires” not paying their fair share of taxes. What he says is essentially the truth. It’s also quite obvious to be seen in the comparisons he draws between the Bourgeoisie (the wealthy) and the Proletariat (working class). They’re defined by the Communist Manifesto. It’s apparent there are inequalities in the U.S. Tax codes allowing the wealthy many loopholes to escape through rather than pay the “fair share” Obama is so ready to harp on. For the most part the Republican’s efforts at calling Obama’s rhetoric “Class Warfare” is correct as well. There’s a distinct and obvious gap between those having and those having not. But, the gap is one participated in by both Obama and his opponents. They’re ALL multimillionaires and have friends who are billionaires.

My point is no politician wants a “fair Tax” because; well because it would be fair. The wealthy want recognition for their separate but unequal status. It’s a matter of the ego and its construct. The middle-class wants to stop carrying all the weight of taxes and elevate themselves to a point at least better than their grandparents. Nobody wants the recognition for being “average”. One must keep up with the Joneses.

The difference in the evolution of this newest effort at gaining universal American acceptance of a socialist agenda is in the way Obama attacks that which he’s most guilty of. Then he spins the blame backward toward his ideological challengers. That might be you and I. It’s definitely anybody wants to lift the yoke of taxes from the neck of the middle class.

Personally, I find it insulting to be spoken of as a third class entity bearing NO face or recognizable presence in this debate. We have representatives proclaiming they’re our surrogates when they’re really advancing their beliefs and ideologies and continually telling us we concur with them. “It ain’t necessarily so” as my friend Sportin’ Life sang in Porgie & Bess.

Each camp plays upon the spiritual and financial fatigue suffered by their followers. Who doesn’t want to pay fewer taxes? Who doesn’t want greater equality in the load-bearing exercise of America’s fiscal policies? Who among us doesn’t want a champion in this battle?

The element needing to be understood is we’re allowed to stand for our personal beliefs. We can be our own champions. We can challenge, in united strength, the clowns taken over the circus. We can become the Ringmasters of our own destiny; personal, social and financial. This is our right. But as long as the politicians keep us looking at the actors we become involved with the suspension of our own disbelief.  The politics is a distraction. We forget it’s all an act and accept the drama as being the issue. It isn’t.

Obama’s following Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. It’s the Action Plan used by modern socialists and communists to advance the teachings of the Communist Manifesto. The goal is to peacefully but stubbornly resist, confront and conquer the efforts of traditional capitalist thinking as viable economic theory. This thinking is where the practicality of free market economies overrides the theories of social scientists wanting to ascend to control a slave centered citizenry.

After all, it’s the enlightened that will lead the way. Ask Marx and Engels.

Read the Communist Manifesto and Rules for Radicals. The Manifesto is Marx and Engels’ “menu du guerre”. Alinsky is the actual cooking instructions for the dish delivered.

Obama, the Democratic Party and many Republicans are fully aware of the bill of fare offered in modern Alinsky directed politics.

You have to decide if you want to dine on this, and feed your kids the same meal, for a lifetime.

Thanks for listening.



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