On Lies, The New York Times And Polling

POLL (n): a sampling or collection of opinions on a subject, taken from either a selected or a random group of persons, as for the reasons of analysis; [2] (n): a canvassing of a representative sample of a large group of people on some question in order to determine the general opinion of the people; [3] (v); to enroll in a list or register, as for the purposes of taxing or voting

– Dictionary.com 2011

Reading the New York Times (NYT) is reminiscent of sitting on a cactus. Initially it enlightening then changes to a pain in the butt really quickly. While watching the latest sludge invading my eight million channel desert of quality entertainment offered by my local cable franchise, I was willing to endure a “Breaking News Alert” from NYT rather than endure anymore “unreality programming”.

“Obama Support is Slipping, Poll Finds, but His Jobs Plan Is Well Received”

Uh? Really! You think? (Hope for Change Baby!)

This latest poll was delivered by a NYT/CBS News (two organizations regularly cramming this man’s missteps and failures down our throats while redefining them as triumphs) pollster. They touted him endlessly as the prophet, if not messiah sent to save, enlighten and lead us to the land of milk and honey. Instead we got empty powdered milk boxes and bee stings.

Unemployment is still above 9% and showing no hope of dropping soon. Obama still wants to tax less than 1% of the people (wealthy dudes/dudettes making more than a million a year) a higher rate. This supposedly brings in more money and balances the budget more efficiently. At least that’s what it sounds like as he misdirects from the fact he personally has no clue how to actually run a country or its foreign policy. As an accredited and recognized teacher at a big university more interested in his resume’ than his qualifications, he’s been a rising star.

Now he’s more like a dwarf star going super nova. None of those stellar qualities so many people lay dazzled by, as he baffled others with his B.S., is apparent now. His sycophants (self-seeking, servile flatterers and parasites like the NYT, CBS, MSNBC and such) have sung Nero’s praises for so long even he forgot to notice Rome is burning. This is because polls conducted (up until this one) are what I call “Taste Test Polls”. That’s when a food company surveys amongst employees. They mean nothing and denote less.

The dramatic but earnest announcer speaks: “In a taste test among hundreds of mid-level management personnel employed by this company (while trying to avoid being fired for giving the wrong answer) found “Burger Poodoo” tasted better than “Doggie Droppers” in a nationwide study.”

Evidently some rookie pollster screwed up and got a really representative sampling and honest results past the editor at NYT while CBS executives tried desperately to figure out just who Dan Rather was and why his ratings were higher than anybody else’s since he retired. They missed the tally. Oops!

Statistics are subjective. It depends on who you ask, when you ask, where you ask and whether the sampling reflects the nation as a whole. If you sample Manhattan, you’ll get largely white, upper middle-class viewpoints/opinions. Extrapolating that data to say it mirrors the thought processes of white, upper-middle-income people in the south in a small city like Alexandria doesn’t work. Just because a soufflé and a cake use eggs in the construction doesn’t mean you get the same results across the board.

This time-encrusted Press has nursed Obama for a long time. Now it looks like she’s going dry. Media are reporting unfavorable facts. Labor’s marching, but more toward their own center than into Obama’s camp blindly as they once did. American Jews are looking for candidates mirroring their support of Israel. Even the youth of America are questioning whether theory and empty rhetoric works well in the real world.

The final thought of this piece is a fourth definition of the word POLL. It’s this; (v) to remove or cut short the horns of cattle.

It looks like this bull’s been clipped, dipped and may soon be shipped to the stockyard.

Thanks for listening.



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