The P-Resident Speaks

Presidency(n.); The leading figure in a small group of men of whom – and of whom only – it is definitely known that immense numbers of their countrymen did not want any of them for president.

– Ambrose Bierce

I wrote explaining the President wasn’t aware of what was going on about him, this due to the fact his Blackberry was loaded for him each day by somebody on staff. He proved it when he tried commanding the obeisance of the combined House and Senate to sit in rapt attention to his forthcoming “Rehash-O-Matic” plan to create jobs for America. You know; the one where he tells everybody we can rise from the Hell’s fiery pit of unemployment by taking everybody’s already paid taxes and slipping the money back to people working on infrastructure projects?

If you’re going to give back the money, why’d you take it in the first place?

Oh. I remember. They’re going to get less money than they paid in because you’re going to tax it again and give back less and less until everybody works for Nanny. Then we’ll have our wealth spread around better. So much better there’s no such thing as wealth for the common man.

You’ll notice, Obama never worked a laborer’s day in his life. But he knows what laborers need. Marx, Lenin and Mao told him in manifestos, speeches and little red books; so it must be true.

A reference was made the economic policy put forth by this administration is to cut the bottom out of your pocket. When the change you held safely there until the first snip falls to the floor, Obama gathers it up, hands it back to you and tells you he just “gave you a stimulus” and produced money for you to spend. You put the money back in the same pocket and democrats keep feeding you the same line and action over and over again. When they really want to impress you they go to the printer, scan up another batch of dollar bills and give them to you as “new” money. (Remember raising the Debt Ceiling?)

It doesn’t matter the new money has NO value. They claim it’s still good even though anybody else producing “funny money” like this would get a stiff jail sentence. You get something stiff but it has nothing to do with the “pleasure” real money will give you.

The point about Obama not having the competence to recharge his Blackberry personally is evident in the fact he wanted to unleash this upcoming boondoggle on the same date the Republicans wanted to hold Presidential Candidate Debates. These debates were planned months ago and Obama didn’t care. So, he tried being all pee-residential and near demanding the world shift on its axis so he’d be allowed to give his lukewarm policy pap when he said so. After all he is the pee-resident in the White House and all should bow down in deference to his majesty what with being the first and all.

It took a wee, small voice in the back of the crowd, using little, one syllable words to say: “sir? It looks dumb to act mad if you do not get your way.” This made the point stick and he relented. He’ll lie to us on the following day.

Boehner stood his ground and won. Whoopee. If he’d changed the date of the debate to the day, or a week later, Republican candidates could have had a field day with the issues left limp on the pee-residential podium after Obama shot his wad of social chewing gum onto the front page. (Socialist chewing gum is when you share the same wad of gum mindlessly while making it look like you’re sharing the wealth.)

But Boehner got all choked up and soothed the pee-resident and suggested Republicans might not fall asleep so obviously in the gallery if the pee-resident would just postpone the obvious. It evidently worked even though a chance to stomp on the pee-resident’s dream (and America’s nightmare) was set aside in favor of protocol cast before swine.

But such is the way of politics for some reason.

Thanks for listening.



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