You Media Types Can Shut Up About Chris Christie, Because He’s Not Running

Not sure how much clearer he can make this.

There are some GOP donors out there – and in particular establishment types looking for somebody who can keep the “Jesus freaks” and “Tea Party rubes” from flyover territory out of the driver’s seat of the Republican Party – who have worn out a path to Christie’s door.

The fact is that Christie knows he has a record in New Jersey which isn’t all that sellable to conservatives from Alabama or Nebraska or Arizona. That’s not an indictment of his governance, which by New Jersey standards is terrific. But if Rick Perry has taken hits on things like Gardasil and in-state tuition for children of illegals, the much-beloved big guy will see his star tarnished in a major way on issues like global warming and the Muslim Brotherhood affiliate he appointed to the state supreme court.

But beyond that, he just doesn’t want to run a national campaign right now. And that’s a better reason not to run than any other.



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