Buddy Roemer Ought To Consider Changing Parties, Part 2

Via Dave Weigel at Slate, Buddy Roemer is now puffing on the Occupy Wall Street crowd

As I continue touring college campuses throughout New Hampshire, I am reminded of all the young Americans currently taking part in the Occupy Wall Street movement. Please know that I stand by you.

It is Main Street that creates the majority of jobs in America; it is Main Street that sends our brave young men and women to war; it is Main Street that hurts when another manufacturing plant closes only to be re-opened in China; it is Main Street that is being foreclosed on; and it is Main Street that is suffering while the greed of Wall Street continues to hurt our middle-class.

Too-big-to-fail banks have only gotten bigger thanks to government bailouts, and as president, I will end the corporate tax loopholes that un-American corporations take advantage of only to ship our jobs overseas. Fair trade not Free trade.

Money in politics has created institutional corruption. Both parties are guilty of taking the big check and are bought by Wall Street. My campaign is the only one that speaks out against this and I look forward to the day lobbyists are not allowed to donate to campaigns.

Wall Street grew to be a source of capital for growing companies. It has become something else: A facilitator for greed and for the selling of American jobs. Enough already.

Weigel thinks Roemer’s onto something with his appeal to the communist Lollards in the Occupy movement, which makes one a bit less impressed with his political analysis. He says he can’t understand why Roemer doesn’t have the electoral cache of Rick Santorum, which is of course not a particularly high bar to clear. But Santorum has actually won elections as a Republican, which Roemer has never done, and Santorum’s message is actually Republican, while Roemer’s is not.

The new GOP frontrunner, Herman Cain, had a message for the Occupy crowd – get a job, you dirty hippies. Roemer gloms onto them and uses the occasion to crap on big business and spout protectionist rhetoric.

How many of the Occupy crowd vote in GOP primaries? Almost none. Those who do are Ron Paul supporters and have committed themselves to what is more or less a cult of personality; they won’t be swayed.

So why is Roemer attempting to appeal to them? Where’s the percentage in that?

Roemer might be trying to get attention – certainly he needs to do that in the worst way. Well, guess what? This might just be the worst way.

Democrats are looking for someone who will run against Barack Obama in a primary. We offer Buddy Roemer, former Democrat governor and former Democrat congressman and current banking executive who speaks the language of “big business is evil and money corrupts politics” that animates that party. So he’s been a Republican for a while; so what?



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