Since It Looks Like Our Masters At The Capitol Don’t Give A Crap About Public Sentiment…

…maybe we’ll need to be a little more forceful about letting them know how unacceptable the choice of Edwin Edwards crony, unindicted co-conspirator and Democrat turncoat John Alario is as the Republican governor’s president of the Republican senate.

The best way to put this sentiment forward, it seems, is through the Parish Executive Committees within the Republican Party – and through them, to the state party.

In January of last year, the forward-thinking folks at the Caddo PEC passed a model resolution panning the idea of Alario as senate president. The rest of the PEC’s across the state could do themselves, and the rest of the state, a big favor by following suit.

The Caddo PEC’s resolution was pretty simple, and can probably serve as a template for the other 63 PEC’s…

Whereas, State Senator John Alario’s voting record during his many years of tenure in the State House of Representatives was not consistent with conservative values of smaller government and lower taxes, and;

Whereas, his voting record in his short time in the State Senate has demonstrated his continued lack of conservative principles, and;

Whereas, State Senator John Alario aspires to become president of the State Senate, and:

Whereas, the promotion to this level of power in the Senate is seen as a regression to the old ways of state government to tax and spend, and;

Whereas, the State of Louisiana under Governor Bobby Jindal has made great progress in changing the image of the State to one of higher efficiency and ethics in government;

Therefore be it resolved that the Caddo Parish Republican Executive Committee does hereby oppose the election of John Alario as president of the Louisiana Senate and further pleads with Governor Jindal to do the same lest his image as a reformer be diminished.

Passed this 10th day of February 2010 by the Caddo Parish Republican Executive Committee.

Signed by:

J. C. Allen, Chairman

If you don’t know who’s on the Parish Executive Committee where you are, feel free to contact us. We’d post the list here but the unintended consequences on private folks we’re not upset with are a little onerous.

There is a meeting of the State Central Committee in December, which gives us a month or so to work through the PEC’s and generate official opposition within the party the 24 Republicans in the state senate will have to ignore if they want to anoint Alario senate president in January. It seems pretty obvious that there’s a severe lack of sand within that cohort of 24, so it’s time to scare the hell out of them from the bottom up.

By all means, though, continue contacting your senators directly and demand they stand up against Alario. Chad Rogers at the Dead Pelican has supplied links to the current members of the senate and how to get them on the horn or by e-mail.

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