The Best Dennis Miller-O’Reilly Segment Ever?

This one is close if it’s not the all-time best.

It needs a little bit of a setup, though. Just before Miller went on, O’Reilly had a few talking heads on discussing the GOP debate Tuesday night. And former Obumble communications guy Bill Burton, who’s known for some outrageously stupid stuff to come out of his mouth, said that Rick Perry won the debate because he was the meanest and most aggressive guy in the group.

Burton obviously said that because he wants Perry to win the GOP nomination because Perry debates like poo, and he thinks that Perry goin’ up against his man Obumble would git kilt. There isn’t an honest bone in that cat’s body – whether he’s right in his little strategery or not, he’s tellin’ us that the Obama people want Perry. Of course, back in 2008 the Republicans wanted Obumble because they didn’t think they could beat Cankles Clinton with Ol’ Man McCain. And it turned out they couldn’t beat Obumble with Ol’ Man McCain, either. Maybe the problem was Ol’ Man McCain.

Just like maybe the problem for Burton’s gang is gonna be Obumble this time around.

Anyway, so O’Reilly has Miller on and he asks him about the debate. And Miller says Perry did a good impersonation of a shop vac.

It gets good from there. When they get off the subject of the debate it gets better. But you’ll notice a common thread throughout it. I haven’t seen abuse like that since Randy Quaid spent the whole two hours of The Paper trashin’ that George Costanza guy in his column until he snapped.

But watch this, and judge for yourself if it’s not the best one you’ve seen.


(Link in case the embed doesn’t take)



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