Turns Out Obama Brings More Hype Than Hope

Stimulus One. Obamacare. Stimulus Two: American Jobs Act. Programs advertising elemental cures for what ails America. Obama’s failing to deliver. In a contest to only be described as Madison Avenue versus Pennsylvania Avenue we were led to believe Hope alone would foster Change.

People placed their hope in a man with NO practical experience in the conduct of government. His experience was, has been and always will be in the field of revolutionary thought and the overthrow of the status quo by whatever means necessary. His political posture and stance was developed genetically from a Marxist father and a communist mother. It’s failed because it’s based on faulty logic and unreal expectations seeking to overthrow the incumbent regime.

While hyping his programs he forgot people expect symbiosis, a mutually beneficial relationship, from governmental existence; not restrictive despotism. If there must be restrictions they should be laid on the “other guy”, not on them. People are self-centered as a matter of survival. This is a fact about the human race; not a political theory.

Obama and his Alinskyist droids believed because they started a drama starring a recognizable underdog it would make it from the heartland to Broadway as the next great “show of shows”. And, it’s worked. But like any theatrical effort it’s illusion and the temporary suspension of the public’s disbelief. They created an atmosphere of hope as a tangible substance energizing people overnight to create a better world. The world doesn’t work that way. Hope is no more than aspiration. It’s anticipation, the dormant seed of action needing a nutritive effort to get it all moving in the right direction. The effort must be more than a theory; it has to be actionable. Theory is vapor as hope is no more than a dream.

Collectivization and placing the worker in control of his environment isn’t workable if there’s a small unqualified group of people controlling an organization, or institution as large as any nation is. It’s especially true if self-centeredness is in effect as it always is.

Man works to improve his status and that of his kin not that of a collective per se. Greed and self-centeredness supersede collectivism any day. Governmental survival of the fittest has proven detrimental to unions, collectives and communes over mankind’s history. There will always be organized discontent when any people feel oppressed. And any government can be seen as oppressive by at least one member of the society.

Obama’s worked behind the curtain to create the new OZ we can all believe in. But we must pay attention to “the man behind the curtain”. The man behind the curtain manipulated the pre-market press and advertising promotion. He set the stage with a theatrical set-design promoting benefits of irresistible magnitude. He developed a passionate but misguided audience following idealistic, inexperienced people with impractical ideations.

The liberal media (press) latched onto the hype and pushed it so as to become a controlling part of the new and improved, gentler, kinder America. The press jumped on board this trolley car racing downhill. They never realized the thing had no brakes and their insistent pushing has brought about the collapse of the program itself. Where the media should be an autonomous estate reporting the news, they became shills working for and directing the development of the doctrine. The liberal media got behind it and demanded it succeed. But success doesn’t happen based on demand. It must have integrity. It must have correct construction and it must work properly. When the hoped for program was inspected, found wanting and unserviceable there became a problem.

People want practical solutions and these failures appeared practical on the surface initially. But, the cosmetics are applied with a trowel and without a nod to the real defects beneath the surface. The cosmetic changes no reality. It merely hides what nobody wants to recognize; that what’s there isn’t as good as what we wanted and hoped for.

Obama keeps challenging his opponents on emotional issues. His questions are rhetorical, combative and accusatory. He stays this course and fails as he sinks his own ship of state.

Thanks for listening.



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