Fast Becoming Furious Over Obama Administration Scandal

Political spin: a concept developed to explain the way politicians tiptoe around the truth in order to conceal their willing participation in a disaster. (Defined by me)

The newswires are glowing white-hot with questions concerning what Eric Holder, Attorney General, knew about the stupid and homicidal Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) program Fast and Furious. That program resulted in U.S. law enforcement officers being killed with weapons the ATF allowed to be sold to drug cartel members. Holder claims he knew nothing about the program. Documents show Holder was briefed on the conduct of this idiocy and he was fully aware of its implications.

So when does political spin end and then start being an outright lie? I’d say anytime Holder opens his mouth. Obama’s already proven he hasn’t got a clue as to how to control his cabinet members and they follow his lead. They don’t have a clue how to control their departments. The incompetent lead (what appears now to be) the criminally stupid.

This writer isn’t the smartest turnip to fall off of the truck, but with 28 years of accredited law enforcement experience, even I know it’s outright stupid to give a loaded weapon to the person you may enter into street combat against. That idiotic fable played out in many film noir pre-gunfight diatribes written by dummies never involved in a gunfight. It goes something like this: “Hero” stands across the table from his hated enemy Rocco Binactinbad. Rocco is out of ammo and Hero tosses an extra gun (he conveniently has stashed in his waistband) onto the table. Hero speaks: “Okay Rocco. You got one chance if you can beat me to the draw, you walk.” Then Hero tucks his gun into his waistband and waits steely eyed as Rocco twitches, sweat pouring from his forehead. Rocco reaches for the gun and Hero draws, fires and kills Rocco with one, un-aimed, quick-draw from the waist. Rocco dies. Hero gets the girl. Fade to black with music.

In reality you’d have to be slap out-of-your-mind to give a loaded gun to a killer. Rocco would stand there forever or wait until Hero stepped into range to take his gun from him. It’s obvious Hero is a moron. Or, Rocco’s henchmen would enter the scene and blow Hero off of the map with a heavy fusillade of gunfire issued from real guns fired with real malice.

The concept of law enforcement officers using “bait” guns to track foreign (read: Mexican) drug lords and conscienceless murderers is the height of insanity. I’m sure the supervisors involved believe themselves bold and daring in developing this program. They wanted to put an end to the homicides committed at the border. That’s the job. But obviously, they don’t live in the real world, and they aren’t the ones going to face the same guns in the field. This residency in Never-never Land has gotten our law enforcement officers murdered.

It’s a matter of political spin to say Holder didn’t know anything about Fast and Furious. If he didn’t know it’s because he wasn’t paying attention to his people briefing him on the operation. The continual statements he knew nothing appears more and more like a lie than a misstatement. That’s the point of the misstatement; to declare it’s a “boo-boo” more than complicity in the murder of a law enforcement officer.

What’s tragically evident is everybody allegedly investigating this stupid program is dancing around the fact somebody colluded with Drug Cartels to transfer guns and money resulting in this murder. It wasn’t an unfortunate incident. It was a U.S. government initiated and advanced scheme to arm and then track criminals. It went wrong. The Congressional committee investigating this outrage keeps to the course of NOT calling a lie; a lie.

Holder’s statements aren’t disingenuous. They appear to be lies. They don’t misdirect; they cover up the truth. They don’t pursue truth and justice; they tighten the blindfold she wears. They’re self-serving a##-coverage.

Eric Holder has taken incompetence to a new level. It’s a deadly one and it’s law enforcement officers paying the price for a stupid lawyer trick gone wrong.

Thanks for listening.



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