White House Sure Seems Nervous Over Fast And Furious Scandal

If they weren’t, they probably wouldn’t be yelling and screaming at CBS News’ Sharyl Attkisson over her reporting on the issue.

From the Laura Ingraham Show today…

It doesn’t look good. It’s not surprising that the House Judiciary Committee has decided this whole thing is a crock, and that it’s time to bring in a special prosecutor and get the ball rolling downhill.

What’s the exit strategy for the Obama administration here? Shout loudly and stamp your feet until this goes away? That ain’t gonna work, not when you’ve got dead Border Patrol agents here and 2,000 corpses in Mexico thanks to the idea it’d be smart to facilitate guns to Mexican drug gangs.

It’s still difficult to discern what motivated this stupid plan. Was the  idea to ramp up gun violence so as to make the case for gun control? Was it to destabilize Mexico and in doing so increase the flood of illegals into the country and thus provide a constituency to add to the Democrat base?

Or was it just incompetence? Incompetence is the usual cause of circumstances like this. But how do you make the cause for incompetence leading to Fast and Furious? Incompetence would mean you do a lousy job controlling gun sales to bad guys. It doesn’t mean you actively facilitate gun sales to bad guys.

Either way, there aren’t anywhere near enough heads rolling here. But that’s just a temporary situation. You can’t cover up something this big.



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