On The Perception Of Infallibility, And Who Gets The Benefit Of It

Which topics will be debated by the Supreme Court of the United States of America (SCOTUS)? Will they address Obamacare? Will the inscrutable justices decide on the propriety and exercise of the 10th amendment? Can people be forced (by virtue of the Commerce Clause’s over-reach and control of things commercial) to buy what they don’t want?

We’ll wait and see.

People have always suggested certain professions are infallible. We’ve accepted the mystique of the process as the expertise of the practitioner. It’s not good to blindly accept any process as being without the fear of mistake or blunder.

Some say simple laymen have no right to criticize those better educated. Of course we have the right to criticize anybody proclaiming they alone have the answer to ANY question in life. We question so we learn. We ask to gain answers. We wonder so as to loosen the bonds of ignorance and enter the light of reason. We act to develop our position as community leaders and not simply as those to be led.

Unfortunately, we elevate certain professions to hallowed heights. We sit in awe of the professional practicing the craft. But, there’s a word there defining the boundaries of the argument. The word is “practicing.” They practice because they DO NOT control anything beyond their ability to attempt application of certain knowledge and hope it works.

We hold physicians and doctoral practitioners of any field to be nearly omniscient, all knowing, in their fields. We accept their diagnoses and the profound philosophical statements they issue because we’re taught they have the answers. Unfortunately, in many cases, they don’t know the questions or instantly apply some form of strange reasoning to present an argument rather than a solution to the problem. They do anything to appear in control.

This dedication we have to the infallibility of the professional is based on traditions learned, not earned, while sitting at the feet of elders. They lead us to believe their postural mysticism is the same as scientific fact. Our prejudice is based on smoke and mirrors of tradition fed us over the years. The people acting regal tell us to revere them; so we do.

If economists are so smart, why is the economy so screwed up? If doctors are so greatly respected and heralded as “healers” why do their patients still suffer and die? Why do lawyers need appeals courts to review what they said were proper, legal and precedent setting rulings? Could it have something to do with the fact they aren’t healers or precedent setting or all-knowing?

Maybe they’re as clueless as they work to make us feel. We’re impressed by the regency of their judicial robes and the pageantry of their passage and the regal state they say they live in. Because of the position and the rights or privileges they command, we allow them the edge necessary to claim ascendancy and position over us as simple commoners. We’re stuck in our trembling self-esteem and pay homage to the majesty of public relations.

Somebody told me I may not like the incumbent president but I “must respect the office!” Must I respect an office held by a buffoon? Must I bow to a self-aware wannabee denigrating that same office with his missteps, self-serving statements, lies and ideology based incompetence? Must I show reverence to an inferior merely claiming superiority based on a job he holds but isn’t qualified to perform? Or can I reflect the disdain this man has acquired from other world leaders?

The American people need to arise from the kneeboard of their misdirected faith. Politicians are salesmen, not saints. They’re irresolute conciliators. The coax and cajole and massage the muscle of politics to make it respond like it should for them under ideal conditions. But the ideal doesn’t exist for us. This muscle is bruised and beaten and needs greater therapy than soothing words and the laying on of insincere hands.

The economy’s in shambles. The business community is torn by unions and chicanery at the upper levels of practice and direction. America’s in trouble and it’s time we took control of our treatment options in our healing process.

Thanks for listening.

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