Who, Nick? He Thinks He’s A Honey Badger

He don’t give a…

Is it me, or does he look like he’s under some pressure?

Here’s what I see. I see Miles, and he’s No. 1. He’s been through a gauntlet all year – he’s had Oregon staring him in the face all offseason with half the country saying Oregon was gonna beat LSU and in fact they were ranked 3rd while LSU was 4th. Then he had his offensive coordinator come down with Parkinson’s and he had to shuffle his coaching staff. Then he had his punter go psycho on some dude for tappin’ his ex, or something like that. Then he had that Shady’s business and all the drama about Jordan Jefferson’s situation. And he had Will Lyles, which was a BS deal that cost him Russell Shepard for three weeks. Then he beats Oregon and the hype machine goes into overdrive. Then he beats Mississippi State and West Virginia, both on the road, and gets to #1 – which is the pinnacle of hype. And ever since then all anybody wants to talk about is LSU-Alabama.

And how does Miles handle it? He’s smilin’. He’s sayin’ stuff in that cagey gobbledygook language he speaks in. He’s got his guys parroting gangsta rap songs about “tear[ing] this MF’er down” in the tunnel before they go on the field in Knoxville. His punter is tauntin’ Florida at the end of a 50-yard run and takin’ pictures with the fans toward the end of the 4th quarter of the Tennessee game.

All this stuff they’ve gone through, and yet Miles is makin’ it fun. Saban’s crappin’ on the media people and Miles is talkin’ about how much fun it is to bring a thong of people on the road to root for you.

Thong? THRONG. He means throng. It’s a mistake. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Basically, ask yourself this – who looks like he’s more ready to play? Who’s more relaxed and more confident?

Miles, right?

Lil’ Nick looks like he’s wrapped pretty tight around the axle. Les looks like he’s about to take a Penthouse into the pooper. You usually bet on the guy who looks like he’s enjoyin’ himself.

Nick says he doesn’t give a ____, but it’s pretty clear he does. Miles is the guy who’s the honey badger of the two.



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