An Open Letter To The Apologist In Chief

Dear Mr. Obama,

Please note the lack of honorific: “president”. To me you’re decidedly NOT presidential. Your statements and positions on internal and international policies indicate you have NO idea what it means to be President of the United States of America.

A president puts his nation’s interests ahead of all others. He’s expected to be a nationalist; not an apologist. Nor is he expected to be an obstructionist to spreading the word of our grandeur and majesty as a nation among nations. A president is the foremost representative of America’s position on issues affecting the world in general and America particularly. In this sense Mr. Obama you’ve proven yourself not only a dismal failure but spectacularly incompetent in your narrow-band, short sighted, myopic view that America is responsible to all other countries for her survival.

We don’t need to import a damned thing from China. All of it can be manufactured here. But, you and your predecessors got this stupid idea we must placate, cajole and pander to Communist countries with no more loyalty to American values than a cat has to a canary. But still you bend your back and bow your head to Hu Jintao (China’s President).

You betrayed the trust placed in you as you recited the oath of office. No Democrat before you has openly assaulted American values as viciously prior to this. You’ve assaulted and diminished the Constitution by Executive Decrees more than any before you.

You attack waterboarding but deny the Constitution. You said waterboarding was “wrong”. You said” “It’s contrary to America’s traditions; it’s contrary to our ideals. That’s not who we are. That’s not how we operate. We don’t need it in order to prosecute the war on terrorism. We did the right thing by ending that practice. Anybody who has actually read about and understands the practice of waterboarding would say that it’s torture. That’s not something we do, period.” But you can drive the tradition of Constitutionalism and the Bill of Rights into the ground anytime YOU can’t get your way?


Getting back to waterboarding as an “enhanced” interrogation technique; first off, you have NO other experience with some matters than you read about them. Nobody dies of waterboarding. It sucks as an interrogation technique. But when done properly it yields information necessary to fight terrorists. Please note I said terrorists.

Politicians (like you) try to maintain political correctness by waging war on an idea – terrorism. Ideas never die. But, no idea ever flew a jet into a building. It was a terrorist did that. That means it was a human combatant. You fight terrorists by doing to them and theirs what they do to you and yours. Are you so stupid as to not know that Obama? If you want to proclaim you’re fighting a war, get out in the front and lead the battle. DON’T sit in comfort and debase the warrior and your citizenry supporting those warriors while you stand on the world stage.

I’ll say it again: you may hold the job but you’re not presidential.

On the Super Committee you state: “I still hold out the prospect that there will be a light bulb moment where everybody says ‘AHA!” Then there came this jewel: “MY hope is the super-committee will… bite the bullet and do what needs to be done… There are no magic formulas, no magic beans you can toss into the ground and all of a sudden money grows on trees.” How do you have a light bulb moment when led by a dim bulb like you? From you nothing but criticism; never solutions.

“No magic formula…” Do you mean like the vacuous rhetoric of “hope and change”? The math won’t change. But if you’d stop spending and promote an American economy based on its strengths rather than beg for exports to China, you might see some change. Keep jobs in America. Don’t send them overseas. Stop insulting the allies we have now, like Israel. I’m sure China will rise in righteous indignation to support us in the UN when the need arises.

There’s plenty of “p” in the White House but it’s not in the resident.

Thanks for listening.

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