Anti-American Law Professor At Suffolk University Spent 1968-69 In Moscow

Well, this isn’t a surprise.

Michael Avery, a Suffolk University Law School professor who made headlines for an email to colleagues calling care packages for United States soldiers abroad “shameful,” attended the University of Moscow from 1968 through 1969, The Daily Caller has learned.

Avery’s studies in the U.S.S.R. coincided with the height of the Cold War and the Soviet Union’s invasion of Czechoslovakia, punishing a period of liberalization known as “The Prague Spring.” That 1968 invasion marked the launch of the “Brezhnev Doctrine,” which declared: “When forces that are hostile to socialism try to turn the development of some socialist country towards capitalism, it becomes not only a problem of the country concerned, but a common problem and concern of all socialist countries.”

Avery’s time studying in Moscow, then the epicenter of totalitarian expansionism, also corresponded with the height of the Vietnam War when thousands of Americans were serving and dying in combat against Soviet-backed forces.

Avery, of course, teaches constitutional law at Suffolk. He’s instructing future lawyers as to what America’s bedrock legal system is about. And he’s a communist.

Somebody tell us again why Joe McCarthy was such a terrible guy for trying to root Soviet sympathizers out of our key institutions. Ever since McCarthy was drummed out of politics people like Avery have had a free hand to eat away at this country from within, and now we have people who trafficked with America’s mortal enemies at the height of the Cold War teaching our kids about the basic framework of our system.

And in Massachusetts, it’s not even controversial.

This guy shouldn’t be in teaching at all. There shouldn’t be any place for communists in American cultural institutions like a university. But say that out loud and they’ll call you a fascist – despite the fact that what you’re actually objecting to is the proselytization of totalitarian ideologies inimical to the principles of the Constitution; ideologies that look an awful lot like fascism, as it happens.

But conservatives will be the only ones outraged about this. Everybody else will ask what the big deal is.



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