Behold, The Stupid-Committee

The Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, or Super-committee was created on August 2, 2011 by the Budget Control Act of 2011. The act was intended to prevent the expected budgetary default if actions weren’t taken.[2] Barack Obama approved the measure to create a bi-partisan, balanced panel of legislators dedicated to reducing the budget by approximately a Trillion dollars. The committee downgraded the amount of money pursued in efforts to cut the budget.

This mess was designed by Obama and his sycophants looking to make us believe they know what they’re doing. As Congress has little to no respect for the American people, this citizen feels no affection or veneration for them. The reason for my enmity is the rampant hostility displayed toward American by people like Pelosi, Reid, Frank and Hoyer on the one hand and the condescending and paternalistic attitudes of Boehner, Cantor, Kyl, and others.

It’s an exercise in futility doomed from the beginning. It’s played directly and perfectly (so far) into the politically soiled hands of Barack Obama.

Obama saw to it a committee of twelve people (two teams) of diametrically and ideologically opposed politicians already displaying stern refusal to bend in favor of compromise was created. There were no members described as Independents. Thus there are no possibilities of anybody acting as a “tie-breaker”.  It would be political suicide to act against the political ideology of your own party. Dead heads meeting at Logger-heads. I’ve seen more intelligence in a beer’s head.

This “stupid committee” has no desire to compromise on anything. Democrats won’t cut programs without increasing taxes (revenue enhancement). Republicans won’t allow tax increases and demand major cuts in social programs (entitlements). Meanwhile, America runs the risk of a forced set of budgetary cuts in excess of $1.2 Trillion dollars to Defense spending and internal social programs.

Since Obama has always wanted to neuter the military and weaken our influence around the world he’d get a direct win on this one mandate. Additionally, he’d manage a second, political coup with the cuts possibly to be made against Medicare/Medicaid. That would ring a political death knell for Republicans seeking to maintain their strict ideological coda.

Meanwhile the American public suffers from paranoia, miscommunication of effort, misdirection of intent by the players and in general the decay in their belief system as it applies to Congressional representation.

There are a lot of clichés being bandied about. They “kick the can down the road”. When the going gets politically tough somebody “punts” the issue or makes a dramatic “Hail Mary pass” in an effort to show how desperate things are becoming. If that doesn’t work they do a “hand-off” on the issue all the while praying another fool on the opposing side will get caught figurative (or in actuality) with their pants down. It’s then they can change the subject and re-group to fabricate better excuses for why nothing ever gets done.

This is politics at its ugliest. But, for a change, it’s being conducted right out in the open where the average man or woman can see what’s happening before their very eyes. It’s true all of this Machiavellian maneuvering is being conducted behind Congress’ closed doors and the participating members are sworn to secrecy on the negotiations. But it’s also crystal clear that secrecy and removal from public view is only for the American citizen. Lobbyists are welcomed with open arms to assure they get a say in which programs ARE NOT cut. You have to wonder how much that privileged access costs. The beef and beverage tab must be a winner by any accounting. But we know we get the very best government anybody else’s money can buy, right?

With Occupy Wall Street (OWS) slithering across the landscape, I wonder if anybody sees any need to camp out in Congress’ halls. They could hang their skivvies on a Senator’s or Representatives doorknob as a gentle reminder of the crappy fashion the American people’s intelligence has been assailed by this entire process. It could prove interesting.

I’d like to see somebody get a handful of what they’ve slinging at us with impunity.

Thanks for listening.

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