Bret Baier’s Romney Interview

I don’t think Romney is going to be the nominee, despite what the establishment has been pushing for months.

Romney can’t get above 25 percent. Charlie Hurt had it right in the Washington Times yesterday when he noted that the only thing the GOP electorate has decided for sure is that they don’t want to vote for him.

And with this latest Herman Cain stuff, which will finish him off whether that’s fair or not, the non-Romney field is about to consolidate.

Time is running out on Rick Perry’s revival. He’s buying a ton of TV, but he’s not gaining in the polls. Perry doesn’t seem to be picking up much support in Iowa and South Carolina, and if he can’t get delegates out of those two states he’s got problems.

And it’s a decent assumption that Cain’s support is going to go to Newt Gingrich. If Gingrich and Romney are the two guys left standing, Gingrich wins. Romney might have the money, but he’s still Romney.

Watch this interview Bret Baier did with Romney yesterday and see if you think this is a guy who, polished though he might appear to be, will motivate the Republican electorate. Maybe you do; I don’t. If Bret Baier, who’s as levelheaded and objective as you can get out of the Beltway media, gets under your skin then you’re a house of cards.

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