It Must Be Rough On Chris Matthews…

…because that tingle up his leg was pretty much a precursor to the whole thing going numb.

And now he’s starting to recognize that he helped inflict a disengaged, incompetent boob on this country.

Did you see that thing in the Wall Street Journal today where Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen are pining for Obama to go away and let Hillary run? Basically, they’re saying that Obama can’t run on his record because it sucks, and all he can do is trash the GOP nominee so badly that he won’t be able to run the country for the next four years.

Matthews is saying pretty much the same thing.

That’s depressing for everybody, assuming they’re right. Which, of course, they are.

It’s depressing for the country as a whole, because it means that the next year is gonna be awful. Awful. We’ll find out that whoever the Republican nominee is was mean to the other kids in fourth grade. Or that he molests gerbils. Or that he eats his boogers. Or whatever. Every day there’ll be more poop flung at the wall.

The kitchen sink. Gutter politics. We already saw it with that sex harassment/Gloria Allred business they pulled on Herman Cain. Everybody made that out to be some sorta trick from one of the other Republican candidates. That was always wrong – the Democrats don’t need any help to dig dirt on people and get it published.

There’ll be more. Lots more. And the worse it gets for Obama the worse his people will be.

Chances are it won’t work, but the whole country will be crazy by the time it’s over.

And most crazy will be the old-fart Democrats like Matthews and Caddell and Schoen, who like their socialism a little at a time. Those guys will have to admit that too much of what they believe in is a disaster and maybe they ought to be in the wilderness for awhile. And that their guy (well, he wasn’t really Caddell and Schoen’s guy) was a disaster. When your country lies in ruins next to the bonfire that used to be your credibility, it sucks to be you.

It sucks to be all of us, though.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all.

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