It’s All About The Benjamins

Participate (v): Share in something.  2) To have a share in common with others; 3) To partake of; to share in; to receive a part of; 4) To impart, or give, or share of

– Webster’s On-line Dictionary

Responsibility (n); A form of trustworthiness; the trait of being answerable to someone for something or being responsible for one’s conduct; “he holds a position of great responsibility”.

– Wordnet

While watching this mess called Occupy Wall Street (OWS), it’s understood there’s a great deal of financial support supplied by Labor Unions. Unions throw cash at the problem in hopes of finding conscripts when the economy improves. This is pretty evident because labor unions walked past their mandates years ago. They decided to become king makers and administration breakers. They use their membership’s might as a club to bludgeon their opposition into submission.

The OWS phenomenon spread worldwide to establish the foundation for a platform expressing dissatisfaction at the way and manner “capitalism has exploited the masses”. This Marxist bleat and blather has resonated over the years to strata of society never before bothered by the specter of Wall Street looming over them. They were too busy fattening themselves on the profits developed from the “evil industries” providing jobs.

Now we have an old problem misidentified as a cause celebre’ because a Recession won’t end and a national state of depression watches unemployment’s claws scratch the underbelly of 10%. When nearly one-in-ten is unemployed, there are lots of people with time on their hands; so they protest. They’ve gathered in Central Business Districts and gummed up traffic and commerce in the area. They’ve rioted. They scream, they holler, they posture and they spout drivel fed them by their disorganized leaders. They spit it back when microphones appear before their lips like nipples expected to nourish the cause.

They move wave-like, thrust forward by tidal anger then pulled back by an undertow of entitlement. They want more while supplying less. They’re spoiled brats soiling their pants for the lack of responsibility they exhibit.

We wonder where this all comes from. I suspect it comes from looking to be a part of the Newest World Order, where they’ll be the cream arisen to the top. They’ll control and benefit from the labors of others. They’ll claim they represent. In truth they betray.

In the time labor unions have existed, they proclaim they negotiate for their members. They work to “uplift and secure the futures” of their members. They say they want more people to participate in the American Dream.

NO, they don’t.

They want control, direct, dictate and command and later; enslave. They enslave with controlled rhetoric. They direct attention to superficial issues they espouse as important while misdirecting attention from the fundamental explanations could shed light on the problem.

For unions, it’s all about the Benjamins. That means cash in the form of inflated salaries the labor leaders can dedicate to their personal comfort and the elevation of their societal positions. It’s about securing limitless cash to support political lackeys working to wrest control of the government from the hands of the people. They’ll give it to the politicians you see at the highest seats of government.

It’s legalized, politically based human trafficking and forced prostitution in governmental brothels like State legislatures and Congress. The power hungry take their sustenance at the unions’ table and believe they sit in equality when the scraps are really thrown under the table for them to scarf down like hungry dogs.

Ask yourself this: if unions are representative of the workers’ needs, why don’t they negotiate stock options and foster greater participation in the management of the companies they extort?

It’s because they want more cash and benefits serving the pleasure centers of any person’s world. They don’t ask for more responsibility. They ask for shiny toys and less participation in the thing they need most – their employment.

If they hold stock, they accept responsibility for the company, the quality of the product they produce and the direction and conduct of their future. They decide, not unions.

Maybe people need to “Occupy” the chairs of Responsible Actions in the direction of their futures.

Thanks for listening.

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