Obama Votes Present On Keystone XL, Canadians Mull Shipping Oil To China Instead

Not surprising.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Sunday that he was looking at exporting more oil to China after the United States delayed a decision on a controversial pipeline.

President Barack Obama’s administration last week put off a decision on Keystone XL project after a major protest campaign by environmentalists, who say the pipeline would be prone to accidents and worsen climate change.

The conservative Canadian leader, taking part in a summit in Hawaii hosted by Obama said the pipeline decision had produced “extremely negative reactions” and that he discussed oil exports with Chinese President Hu Jintao.

“This does underscore the necessity of Canada making sure that we are able to access Asian markets for our energy products,” Harper told reporters. “I indicated that yesterday (Saturday) to President Hu of China.”

Did any of the morons protesting the pipeline out in front of the White House, including fools like Daryl Hannah, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Mark Ruffalo, most of whom would probably have a great deal of difficulty placing Canada on a map or spelling “tar sands,” really expect Harper to sabotage his country’s economic growth because they protested the pipeline in another country?

Some people are entirely too stupid to express an opinion about public policy – or better said, to be listened to when they express it. Here’s Ruffalo…

Congratulations, Mark. You and your idiotic mob just laid the groundwork for China – the worst polluter on the planet – to get access to more oil and America to get access to less.

The economic effect of Keystone XL? Well, the Heritage Foundation offers a taste

The Keystone pipeline would have done what the President’s hundreds of billions of dollars in stimulus spending failed to do. It would have created thousands of jobs (tens of thousands, by some predictions), while generating $5.2 billion in property tax revenue for Montana, South Dakota, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Texas. And it would have done it all with private dollars–not taxpayer dollars.

This country has 50,000 miles of oil pipelines crisscrossing it. Spills are minimal, as is the economic effect. And clowns like Ruffalo aren’t even making the argument that the pipeline will spill – they’re arguing that the pipeline enables Canada to export more oil out of the tar sands and thus promote global warming.

Which, of course, is a hoax.

Meanwhile, betcha didn’t know that America was a net REDUCER of carbon dioxide…

(Green means less net carbon dioxide release, red means more)

Global warming alarmism is turned on its head and the supposed role of carbon dioxide in climate change may be wrong, if the latest evidence from Japan’s scientists is to be believed.

Japanese national broadcaster, NHK World broke the astonishing story on their main Sunday evening news bulletin (October 30, 2011). Television viewers learned that the country’s groundbreaking IBUKU satellite, launched in June 2009, appears to have scorched an indelible hole in conventional global warming theory.

Standing in front of a telling array of colorful graphs, sober-suited Yasuhiro Sasano, Director of Japan’s National Institute for Environmental Studies told viewers, “The [IBUKU satellite] map is to help us discover how much each region needs to reduce CO2 [carbon dioxide] emissions.”

Indeed, the map at which JAXA spokesman Sasano was pointing been expected by most experts to show that western nations are to blame for substantial increases in atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide, causing global warming. But to an officious looking TV interviewer Sasano turned greenhouse gas theory on it’s head.

According to UN science the greenhouse gas theory says more CO2 entering the atmosphere will warm the planet, while less CO2 is associated with cooling.

Gesturing to an indelible deep green hue streaked across the United States and Europe viewers were told, “in the high latitudes of the Northern hemisphere emissions were less than absorption levels.”

In other words, Ruffalo doesn’t even realize how idiotic and destructive – and unscientific – his argument even is. And lots of jobs – thousands of jobs – will get exported to China because Obama is dumb enough to listen to clowns like him.

Who will call the Left to account for what they’ve done here? Will the Americans whose opportunity to land a decent job vanished thanks to the successful opposition to Keystone XL boycott Ruffalo’s movies? Or will he go blissfully forward to the next destructive exercise in vanity?

Most of all, when do the adults resume control of the country?

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