Of Cannibals And Bottom Feeders

This latest effort to assure the Republican Party self-immolates is proving successful. The furor over charges of sexual harassment by Herman Cain has started taking its toll. A once burgeoning campaign is coming off the rails and doing it faster than Casey Jones on the Cannonball Express.

Now, Cain is accusing Rick Perry of duplicity and culpability in pulling this matter from the dust bin of commercial history to make it a mountain of political hypocrisy. Perry, as of this morning (11-3-2011) says it’s Mitt Romney’s people put the word on the street.

Whatever! Please stop already!

This garbage is only being paid the smallest amount of attention to because there might be a viable Presidential candidate rising to the top of this sludge-like confluence of tepid and self-serving aggrandizement exhibited in endless non-productive debates. The participants are no more than welter-weight politicians except for Cain who is an anomaly. He has NO political history before this. He’s climbed to the top of this dung heap based on his business acumen and fiscal/economic ideas many people find make sense. They believe and suggest these ideas might work because they aren’t based on party ideology.

It appears obvious there are only two elements will profit from this situation: the media and the Democratic Party. Prior to Cain’s admission into the front-line trenches of political warfare he’s been viewed as a man with no known pigeon-hole to stick him into.

He’s an African-American Conservative. He’s a successful businessman. He’s a fighter and a blue ribbon Cancer Survivor. He’s a man deserving respect for his efforts, both commercial and personal, because they show a level of integrity and character in his conduct and our world not appreciated before this. Therefore he has to be attacked, dragged through the mud, pilloried, drawn, quartered and his head hung on a pike at the palace gate.

While the bottom feeders in the media and the other cannibals in his own party feed on his destroyed candidacy, the Democratic Party is sitting back drawing great pleasure in the self-destruction the Republican Party is creating for itself.

Each time a new scandal or a minor scrap of gossip appears at their feet like a new weed, they nurture it through their serfs and vassals in the media. The media feed it and fertilize this mess with the manure of innuendo and the postured presentations of ambiguous insinuation; all offered with an air of superiority and inflated indignation. The Democrats smile benignly as the piranha in the Republican Party do what piranha do: they feed on the wounded in their path.

Nobody is coming to Cain’s defense: not CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC or even Fox. They all gain commercial sales and revenues as they follow the “dictum superior”: IF IT BLEEDS, IT LEADS.

The presence of sexual harassment has lived in the American political theater since Columbus took his first dump on the Arawak Indians in Hispaniola. Most recently the scandals have covered the spectrum from Bill Clinton being paid oral tribute to in the White House corridors to Anthony Weiner advertising his to under-aged correspondents. The infamy derives from a seriously skewed sense of entitlement the wealthy have when placed in positions of power. Now this stupidity is being used as a weapon of political mass destruction.

The media deflected the actions of such as Clinton and Weiner until there was no choice but to admit their feet of clay were tracking manure all over the halls of government. Yet they scream their upset about Foley and Cain while chuckling at Barney Frank’s homocentric antics. They never seem to balance the scales of justice in this matter. It’s always they who benefit in their smug, self-satisfied way. Their perceived self-assuredness in their moral compass being better than anybody else’s is getting tiresome.

The fact the Republicans are not rallying to Cain’s defense or at least stopping the self-destructive campaign sniping is evident of one thing.

They most assuredly are NO better qualified to run this country than the Democrats.

The circus is playing in your town. Now, enter the clowns.

Thanks for listening.



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