On The NASCAR Crowd Booing Michelle Obama…

It wasn’t particularly the greatest moment in the history of American political discourse, but over the weekend Michelle Obama got booed at a NASCAR race.

And of course only the idiots are surprised.

Nobody at a NASCAR race likes Michelle Obama, regardless of what the Beltway crowd might delude themselves into thinking. There are polls out there which show she’s popular. That’s folks being polite to a pollster. She’s no more popular than her husband is.

For the White House to send Michelle Obama to a NASCAR race just shows how cynical they are. They knew she was going to get booed. They sent her there for the express purpose of getting booed, because it’s all white people who vote Republican booing her and that feeds into their narrative that people who won’t vote for Obama are racists.

So they’re willing to put the First Lady into a situation where she’s going to get booed for the purpose of inflaming their own voter base. And they also got to embarrass NASCAR, because it’s not like NASCAR can tell the First Lady she’s not welcome at a race and yet anybody could tell you what was going to happen when Michelle Obama shows up at a NASCAR race.

Some pretty crappy operating by this White House.

Limbaugh, by the way, has a similar – but not identical – take…

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