‘Patriotic Millionaires,’ Or, Put Another Way, Scumbag Hypocrites

So these rich clowns who are out there demanding higher taxes on the wealthy – they call themselves “Patriotic Millionaires” – showed up on Capitol Hill to browbeat a bunch of Republicans into raising their tax rates today.

Great. Just great.

Except the Daily Caller sent their video babe to see ’em. She had an iPad with her that had the web page open where ou can put in your credit card and donate to the federal treasury.

And while these asshats were bragging on how much cash they had and how great a bunch of citizens they were for wanting to raise taxes, she got ZERO takers on asking them to donate to the government. See for yourself…

(link in case the embed doesn’t load)

Besides the fact that they look like a bunch of total jackasses – and don’t all of those guys remind you of the candy-ass D.A. from L.A. Confidential? – isn’t there a major message to see in that clip?

I see one.

Somebody who shows up braggin’ on how much money they have – which IMMEDIATELY makes you a jerkoff with no class, because people who actually deserve their stack usually give you the quiet “Yeah, I’m pretty successful” nod but don’t volunteer anything about how much jack they have – and then takes a powder at the first sign of actually floppin’ down a credit card where their mouth is, that’s somebody who isn’t interested in helping fix the deficit.

No. That’s somebody who’s interested in making the next guy do it.

How many of these “patriotic millionaire” assholes sell tax shelters for a living? How many of them work at hedge funds for a dollar a year and get paid out of capital gains? How many of them are millionaires because their daddies left them a big stack to play with?

Buncha frauds, I sez.

If these pricks really were patriotic, defined as willing to give the Feds green above and beyond the two and a half trillion or so they already get and blow by the end of August every year, the DC’s video babe would have racked up a big haul out of them with that iPad, and probably earned herself a free tour of the U.S. Mint, or at least the basement of Joe Biden’s house in Delaware, for her trouble. She got squat. She got squat because these pinheads want somebody ELSE’s taxes to go up, not theirs.

I love the dick who says, “well, uhh, I don’t take all the deductions, so…” like he’s already paying more than his share. Does he really expect us to believe he doesn’t have a tax attorney or an accountant? As if.

We already have a problem in America in that the people who call themselves the elite are a gaggle of entitled nincompoops. We have the American version of that Monty Python sketch, and we’ve given these clowns the run of the dining room.

You know the one I’m talking about. This one.

That’s basically what we have sitting at the top of our society. Everybody knows it. Look at the Kennedys, for Pete’s sake.

And to make it worse, these jackasses can’t even shut up.

No wonder we’re all at each other’s throats. There’s no class, and there’s no shame. And it’s on display for everybody to see.

Makes you want to puke. And it definitely makes you want to ignore the “patriotic millionaires.”



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