Stupid AND Wrong? Must Be Obama

Saying I dislike the incumbent resident of the oval office is an understatement. His continual refusal to accept responsibility for anything during his administration is one of the main reasons. The fact he describes Americans as lazy on foreign trade is no more than expected. He refuses to recognize partisan politicians are to blame for this problem. The American people don’t negotiate trade agreements fool. Then the guy rejects creating 20,000 jobs in the oilfield industry by postponing a trade agreement with a foreign power (Canada). This is symptomatic of his politically based ignorance.

Obama must believe the Canadian Provinces are the misplaced states or something akin to the “Lost Tribes of Israel”. Because of the reference to Israel he feels free to avoid trade with Canada.

Obama’s postponing this industry and employment friendly confederation is another indicator of who he favors. Canada, our potential partner in this venture, is a democracy. Obama favors trade with socialist/Marxist/communist governments. He’s shown deference to Hugo Chavez. He even accepted an autographed copy of Chavez’s book on relations between America and Central America. So when his cash cow, George Soros said he needed oil exploration platforms moved to Brazil in support of Petrobras, the company owned by Soros, Obama jumped on the Macondo Well tragedy in the gulf and shutdown American  oil exploration. This also leaves his buddy Chavez to drill unimpeded in the gulf.

To actually support democracy and capitalism slams his throat shut. Therefore the only way to relieve the pressure on the American economy is for him to relax his sphincter. The result is recognized by the American people every time this dud gets near economic issues.

Where he says America has been lazy in developing coalitions leading to foreign trade, his actions of postponing a positive trade and employment agreement already in-hand to exploit it politically AFTER the election can only be described as opportunistically STUPID and WRONG.

Obama said: “we have lost our ambition, our imagination and our willingness to do the things that built the Golden Gate Bridge and the Hoover Dam.”

No we haven’t.

Mr. Obama, we’ve done as you asked and accepted the call to develop our Hope for Change. We now have the hope and ambition to replace your incompetent attempt at power with no transmission capable of transferring rhetoric into productive programs. We can seriously imagine an America without you (and your rhetorically challenged hand-puppet Biden) impeding progress and productivity through executive diktat. America is developing a willingness to learn from the mistake of your election. We’ve learned to demand new ideas and open minds seeking solutions, not spouting rigid ideology.

America has the imagination to envision social and economic prospectors panning the golden heart of America’s assets and building on them; not reciting the tired histrionic bombast and already disproven ideologies Obama’s relied on to realign the lies he tells. His blaming prior administrations for his failures are legend. The legend of his presidency resides only in his mind. The shame of it will be engraved in history.

Obama thinks he’s above us all. His insolence makes his criticism all the more difficult to not confront. He practically demands the Close Quarters Battle of political debate. That’s all he’s good at: debate. Verifiable, substantive and workable steps toward progress toward the American Dream escapes him. Prior administrations displayed leadership. He works differently.

He pushes, prods, cajoles, berates and provokes us toward economic and social insolvency. All is done from behind. All is confrontational and objectionable. America is changing.

But nobody said all change is good.

America must reemerge as the pre-eminent government and power on this planet. It is and always has been our goal to lead where others remain stuck in their own indecisive postures.

But Obama wants us to be equals to all others no matter how incompetent, morally afflicted or incompetent they are; or how badly they abuse or enslave their citizens through benign economic policies requiring no dedication to the industry it all requires.

He wants to level the playing field you sweat to compete on so others can gain the same rewards for sitting in the stands.

Thanks for listening.


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