Taking Time To Give Thanks

As we prepare to spend time with our friends and families during this Thanksgiving holiday, there’s a lot we have to be thankful for. With only a few weeks left in 2011, I thought this was a good time to recap a few things I’m most thankful for.

No hurricanes! Louisiana has had a tough time over recent years, and our state has been battered in all corners by hurricanes. Beginning with Hurricanes Katrina and Rita that caused such devastation in south Louisiana in 2005 to Hurricanes Gustav and Ike that tore off roofs and flooded homes all the way up the state, Louisianians have had their fair share of high winds, intense rains and tornadoes over the years. And while we’ve certainly had some weather issues in some parts of the state this year, thankfully no major storms hit Louisiana – and our state was spared from further hurricane damage. Let’s hope that our good fortune continues and that next year’s hurricane season is just as quiet.

I’m very thankful for your support and enthusiasm for the fight to reform Louisiana and Washington. This may surprise you as much as it does me, but I have some very vocal critics in the news media and the political establishment in both Louisiana and Washington. I know…it shocks me as well. Thankfully, I draw strength from your support, encouragement and prayers. I can’t express how thankful I am for that.

Finally, I’m thankful that my family is happy and healthy and that we get to live in a state like Louisiana. Our state is unique among all the 50 states, and our wonderful food, rich heritage and great culture makes it a wonderful place to live. This holiday season, I’m looking forward to spending quality time with Wendy and our kids and counting all of our blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving!




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