The Tree Of Liberty

Wow! Just as I feared a Blue Christmas was nigh, Barney Frank says he won’t run for re-election. The Tree of liberty is dropping a low hanging fruit.

The thought this pompous, arrogant, self-centered, self-aggrandizing septic refuse is leaving the halls of American Government is proof positive good things come to he who waits. The Federal Budget should begin its recovery almost immediately upon his departure. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will lose their primary puppet in this surreal Punch and Judy Show. The American Taxpayer’s been the one getting clobbered with this political prostitute’s aid and abetment.  We may now be closer to canceling these corrupt and artificially bloated corporations run by immoral and business/fiscally ignorant boondogglers.

It’s impossible to know how much longer this fiscal nightmare must continue, but there’s a better chance the whole rotten mess may now implode. It no longer has its primary windbag at the helm to fill the sails of this derelict he’s kept afloat. The defender of the damned isn’t a lame duck. He’s Dead Duck.

America’s financial woes started when this idiot in men’s clothing let this rotting barge of corrupt business practices and self-serving pirates did the Robin Hood caper and gave mortgages to clearly unqualified buyers. They took costly “bail-outs” no more than theft because the money was used to pay bonuses to incompetent executives.

Frank was a covert buttress and overt apologist for the people he’s been gaining inside information from to salt his own larder. They padded his ego and he saw to it government oversight of this mess was minimal. Big, uncontrolled government again let the heavily funded but guilty remain free and worse, profiting from their nefarious deeds.

Barney Frank is going to the house. Could we give him a good swift (metaphorical) kick in the pants to get him started?  Never mind. Too many others have trodden that overused highway to heaven. The booty he gave up more than compensated for the booty he received.

This entire program of privilege gained for performance given is one of the reasons government must be reined in. Barney Frank is no more than an indication of the treachery of elected officials thinking themselves above the law and decency simply because they have money, position and power. That which rises to a head must be lanced as the septic boil it is. The contagion can spread throughout the system until Congress’ very blood is internally, totally decayed.

Frank and those of his ilk are abominations. Not in the sense of their sexuality but in the sense they’ve subjugated and subverted the American people into believing they hold the real love and affection of the people. In fact people like Frank are no more than any other political prostitutes in it to gain for themselves. Where they profess caring, they mean they care for only those adhering to their own goals and means of achieving them. To all others it’s a chance to get violated once more by people claiming the best interests of their electors.

They lie.

Frank and his cohorts are prominent examples of what’s wrong with Congress. Self-centered, self-aggrandizing, power hungry, ideologues and partisan propagandists; they take while the taking is good. Then they abscond with the self-activated, bloated retirement package they steal from the people through act of Congress. They make their thefts legal by defining the thefts as legal where it benefits them.

With the departure of this pompous prat (definition (n): A self-aggrandizing, dumb bass; someone full of himself and almost invariably, stupid as well, he carries more than a hint of being deluded) there’s the possibility America may heal from his incompetence.

Because all of them are in it for themselves individually and in concert, there is NO redress for the taxpayer short of armed insurrection. The lure of riches can corrupt all.

My personal hero, Thomas Jefferson said it best: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” While I endorse NO violent measures to cure our problems; I do see his point.

I DO see his point.


Thanks for listening.



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