Tic-Tacs And Tactics

To say Congress is a mess is like describing traffic in Baton Rouge on the day before any national holiday as “slow”. Understanding that only in Baton Rouge, Louisiana does the entire southern interstate system narrow to three lanes (both ways). “Slow” is an understatement of monumental proportion. It doesn’t slow; it clogs and remains that way until nearly every nerve has frazzled beyond hope.

The Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction or as it will forevermore be laughingly referred to as the “super-committee” is another example. They started moving to reduce a fiscal deficit Congress allowed and slowed it to the point of complete failure. The hairballs involved did what they do best: they debated based on the constipated values they espouse and adhere to without deviation and stopped up the entire process.

Think of Congress as a toilet bowl where refuse sits benignly waiting for the end result to be flushed away. But, there are flaws in the construct of the system. Partisan politics is one. Self-aggrandizement and greed are two others. Add an unhealthy dollop of insensitivity intermingled with ignorance, partisan distrust and ideological polarization and you have a mess of malodorous, overwhelming proportions.

Now: flush the toilet. The system’s overwhelmed by this confluence of waste? You can’t take tons of bulls@it dropped in your potty and shove it through a three inch diameter hole similar to a deadline three months in the future.

The interesting aspects of the aftermath of this septic system overload is the manner in which people involved in the overload all disavow responsibility for the mess all over the floor when the bloody thing backed-up and overflowed. They reject their culpability for having placed more into the bowl, without evacuating it. They keep dumping more and more junk into the mass until it compresses back on itself, forming a stoppage.

“It’s not my fault”, they whine. They blame the other guys. “They put more in than I did!”  “Nuhn –uh, you put more in than I did!” And the petulant whiny brats we sent to Washington keep pitching blame at each other while never understanding we, their bosses, are being showered with the overflowing effluent they’re slogging around in one floor above us in this apartment house disaster.

So, next, they tactically try home remedies like; more taxes, or spending cuts or blaming Socialist European Countries experimenting with their people’s fiscal well-being for the “econo-shock” reverberating across the globe. It’s everybody else’s fault.

I suggest you take your hand and point your index finger at the wall like a pistol. You’ll see you have one finger pointing away and three more pointing back at you. This is where the truth is simply told. Nobody is without blame in this.

Up until now, we’ve allowed the idiots we send to Washington D.C. a free hand in the direction of legislative, fiscal and societal endeavor in this country. We blindly accepted the idea they knew best what we need. I ask now; what was this trust based on?

We have a President never made a payroll or controlled any form of industry where he showed competence in the control and direction of specific goals and processes. A lesson plan doesn’t count. The old saying goes: “Those that can; do, those that can’t; teach.”

I’d add: “those that can’t do either (but have sufficient money to get elected); go into politics. (Witness this Obamanation in the White House now.) Competence has never been a precursor for political endeavor. All you need is an ego bigger than Jupiter and the cash necessary to advertise your self-perceived good points. (There are very few existent exceptions.)

Please note none initially elected go to office as a seasoned statesman. They get on-the-job-training. That training is conducted by partisan political overseers required to develop the younger in the finer points of party ideology and the exposition of that doctrine without deviation.

This “super-committee” was no more than a Tic-Tac® trying to mask the stench mouthed by a decaying government. It’s a simple cover-up with only temporary effect. You’ll need more and more as the effect regularly wears off.

Thanks for listening.



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