Is Your Nose Out Of Joint? Maybe This Is Why…

We’ve seen the control of the Republican Party candidates decided by forces outside of the average citizen’s control. Herman Cain has dropped out of the run for the presidency. This was accomplished after the Pastel Press exploited a series of unsubstantiated and impossible to defuse allegations of sexual harassment.

There’s a reverse race card can be played in this drama and whomever it was decided that they wanted to brand this man with a Scarlet letter chose the perfect foil to accomplish this goal. They took a successful, industrious African American male with intelligence, articulate speaking style; determination and a solid survivor of one of life’s worst adversities – cancer, and trashed his reputation before the nation.

Cain is a power in his industry. He’s shown he can hold his own when discussing the issues troubling this nation the most. He can articulately and reasonably state his stance on policy issues and he can as well, direct attention to the fact his solutions are sensible and doable. His ability to attract the common man, as well as address the other boogie-man in the realm, the African American candidate for president, has proven troublesome for BOTH parties, and his political opponents.

Left wing critics can’t proclaim a candidate racist if that candidate mirrors the racial construct of the incumbent; sort of. Obama suffers the dubious honor of being of mixed race. (This suggests duality in the genes he and I identify with, so I understand the problems of straddling cultural fences to survive.)

Cain is 100% African American and has no problem with his racial heritage. He highlights the positives of that cultural reality and hasn’t tried to attract whites or blacks as a bloc. He wanted to attract Americans and that’s more important than Obama kissing first the left cheek then the right when it suits his purposes.

The great boogie-man of American society is still, in many areas, the fear of miscegenation; inter-racial marriage or sexual relations. But this issue has been withdrawn somewhat and cloaked in the trappings of political correctness so race doesn’t appear the obvious issue. It’s now called “workplace sexual harassment”. This charge could show a potential character flaw acceptable only if you’re Bill Clinton.

How do you disprove the allegation? How do you lessen the stigma attached to this allegation dropped on your doorstep like a dead skunk polluting your public reputation? How do you disprove what can’t be disproved? Too often this problem is committed by men and women using their power to subjugate and control employees. This often succeeds in private. But is it always the case? Nobody lies reverse to gain money or notoriety?

The fact remains NO evidence was offered to prove the allegations. But the purpose wasn’t to find truth. It was to destroy one candidate to benefit political machines controlling all candidates.

If this was done by a Republican camp, then it would benefit a small number of rivals. We’ve seen no lack of self-serving, venal criticism by any one candidate in reference to another he/she sees as a threat. The Republican Party candidates have shown no adherence to the Eleventh Commandment: “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican”.

If the culprit brought Gloria Allred out of the shadows like a roach pursuing publicity for her practice is left-wing; then Obama is the only one to profit by watching the Republicans feed on each other.

But who is this culprit? Who profits from the maxim; “if it bleeds, it leads”? Is it such a drastic reach to believe this culprit could start the blood loss attracting the sharks to pull the victim down and kill his chances of survival, let alone success? Obama’s been the press’ darling since day one. He’s virtuoso in playing the press.

A nose ring assists in controlling a dangerous animal with minimal risk of injury by stressing one sensitive part of the animal worked with; the nose. You control the animal by clipping on and holding a lead rope. This lead may also facilitate capture and control of a frisky bull. Wikipedia 2011                

Do you feel somebody pulling your ring?

Thanks for listening.



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