Perry’s New Ad: ‘Momentum’

There are a few polls in Iowa which show the Perry campaign shaking off some dust and beginning to climb a little again. He’s in third place in one, behind Gingrich and Paul but one point ahead of Romney.

And the chatterboxes on cable news today are starting to talk about how Gingrich’s campaign is fading under the last 2-3 weeks of media assaults from all sides. It smacks a bit of the self-fulfilling prophecy and it’s questionable as to how much of that is legitimate; after all, Gingrich is still very much ahead. If anything, Romney looks to be fading rather than Newt.

But Perry does appear to be regaining some wind. He’s not back in the top tier just yet, but he’s still alive. And the Perry campaign is touting that in their new web ad coming off Saturday’s debate, in which he probably had his best performance.

Then there was this clip of Perry answering a few questions Ben Howe of RedState asked him. Comes off a bit like Bush, which isn’t a fair observation since Perry and Bush really are not the same. But you can empathize with Perry a bit more than you can with Romney The Wall Street Fatcat or Gingrich The Beltway Insider, and within the GOP electorate that might well mean something when Election Day rolls around.

The stirrings are still minor, though, and they don’t show up in all polls by any means. But we said a couple of weeks ago that if Gingrich imploded there would be a chance for Perry to make a comeback. That implosion hasn’t happened yet but Newt is sinking a bit as he’s getting the Not Romney Frontrunner Orgy Of Hate. If he can’t withstand it, maybe Perry gets another shot.



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