Should We Do A Kim Jong Il Tribute Today?

Damn right we should.

He croaked over the weekend, as it happens. On a train. Riding trains in North Korea will kill you deader than Elvis, and that you can take to the bank.

Lord knows what the goofball kid they’re replacing Kim Jong Il with will do. They already shot off a missile once since he took over, though that’s so common nobody even cares anymore.

The new kid went to school in Switzerland. Does that mean he’ll turn North Korea into Switzerland? Probably not. The in-crowd over there wouldn’t let him even if he tried to do that.

Anyway, what we don’t know is whether under the new kid they’ll having dancing…

Or music (this one might not be safe for work)…

And of course there are lots of reactions to Kim Jong Il kickin’ off.

In North Korea they don’t see too happy.

Kinda like Tuscaloosa on Jan. 10 next year. We’ll have to save that link.

And you can bet these guys aren’t thrilled that he’s gone.

Anyway, in other places they’re not that broken up about it, though.

There are other reactions out there. Including reactions to the reactions.

As for our part in all this, well…we don’t really have one. It’s good he’s gone. Nobody should expect that place to get any better or less dangerous with that kid in charge.

We’ll leave you with this, though – the lesson being that the kid has a lot of batshit crazy to live up to…

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