The Lies Of Those Elected

Definition: Representative (n): a.) a person exemplifying a class or kind; b.) acting as a deputy or proxy for another or others; c.) acting for a constituency, being an agent or delegate for the constituency.



To: Self-Possessed Politicians everywhere in America

From: a citizen


Certain subjects are like a shuttlecock being pounded back and forth over an elevated net as in Badminton. The shuttlecock is also sometimes referred to as a “bird” because of it flight characteristics. It can be erratic.

Congress is an assembly of people elected by constituencies seeking recognition of their problems, goals and ambitions. Their suggestions as to how to realize those goals and ambitions are reflected by whom they choose to represent them. They choose based on personal values and belief systems. The citizenry effectively hire the representative to execute the job title so many times spoken of here; representative. But the representatives are paid by the government; not by the states.

We ask (in light of the regular, apparent refusal to hear and heed the commands and directions of their constituencies) why many representatives are regularly forming alliances in direct rejection of the peoples’ will. The constituency now asks after they’ve sent them to congress: “exactly who do you represent; the people or the interests of your party?” Congressional representation is a matter of being hired to complete a job, not by a party, but by a people.

The parameters of the employment are more regularly being determined by a vocal electorate than lock-step minions spewing sound-bites like projectile political vomitus. People are paying attention and making it known they aren’t willing to accept business as usual. No longer is it blindly accepted a politician knows best what’s good for us. In crafting “one-size-fits-all legislation” they’re making it plain federal intervention in states’ rights issues proves “one-size-may–fit none.” But it can serve the one press-fitting the legislation.

Some believe there’s a specific viral infection strikes newly elected senators and representatives. They’re infected as soon as their well-heeled selves step onto the marble walkways of the Capitol. While ascending the steps the oxygen obviously thins radically, they become anoxic or oxygen deprived and suffer amnesia as it pertains to remembering who sent them there and what that constituency expected of them.

In other words: they play along to get along. They fall into the mold set for them by their elders in congress. They succumb to business as usual.

So many of the representatives, after being caught up in the exotic elements of government and the perception they stand above the minor masses, lose their sense of what it took to get where they are. They forget they made promises. They disregard being sent to combat an entrenched system noted for its self-service and self-aggrandizement as a society apart from their fellow citizens.

They forget we sent them to re-build the system. They reject they’ve become a part of the problem when they subscribe to that corrupt system. They become corrupt in their own right. As the envoy of their constituency they should be representative of the wishes of that constituency.

Unfortunately, like the shifting of “Citizens’ Tax Dollars” being changed to mean –“Federal Money”, congressional representatives believe they owe obedience to the federal government over the desires of the constituency elected them. One swears allegiance to the one pays him. They’d be better off to recall they draw no votes from neighboring states. They draw no support from other regions of the nation. They endanger their “careers” as representatives because they betray the principles they espoused when campaigning.

The depth, breadth, height and length of a candidate’s moral fiber are no more than veneers created to hide the flaws in the true grain of their character. Campaign veneers conceal the patchwork pattern of shifting integrity directed in a maze-like placement of opportunistic posturing. Privileges shared by senators and representatives could be defined as criminal if that definition wasn’t codified as lawful by the people making it illegal for all others.

There’s much conflict in their true interests. And it’s obvious where those interests lie.

It lives in the lies of those elected.

Thanks for listening.



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