Eric Holder Ain’t Jackie Robinson

Whenever the going gets tough in the Obama administration the weak scream racism. This group’s refusal to accept ANY responsibility for what happens on their watch is stupid if not outright criminal as in the homicide of a U.S. Border Patrol Agent with the weapons supplied by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

Eric Holder, the creator of testimonial smokescreens and a man readily available for conviction of Terminal Stupidity with Intent to Distribute started whiney responses to Congress showing his filthy linen in public. Holder says the conservative element of society (you know the segment of society not in lock-step with socialist efforts to co-opt the Constitution and the Bill of Rights) are “conflating things, conveniently leaving some stuff out, construing things to make it seem not quite what it was.” He also notes a more extreme segment (I guess that means people like me and you) are chapped with his boss Borat O’Blamer so they’re picking on him (Holder). He says this it’s because he and Obama are African-American.

Questions for Holder: when did we “conflate things conveniently or leave some stuff out, construing things to make it seem not quite what it was?” Did Obama issue a magnanimous and altruistically non-publicized Executive edict resurrecting Mr. Terry? What did the American public conflate, after noting that “Fast and Furious” fell under the purview of the Department of Justice and thus within the realm of the Attorney General? Did we get that wrong?

Mr. Holder: you don’t get to claim only the good things happening during your watch. You get the blame when spit (sic) goes wrong too. Maybe that wasn’t in the Columbia University Law Library like the definition of a lie and the meaning of perjury, two legal realities you appear to be quite familiar with while testifying.

But it’s true: you are African-American. I’m pleased you recognize that. Most of us figured it out rather quickly. But we also figured out something you overlook regularly. Black people have come out of the shadows and don’t put up with a lot of 1950s style racism. There’ll always be fools refusing to join the 20th Century, but few really inhabit the privileged arena you and Obama play in. Obama’s election proves the theory all men are created equal; and anybody can progress to a point of electability to the highest position in the land.

Obama, and you, have also proven another theory: people of any race, creed, color or nation of origin can be incompetent. And brother, you and Obama have accomplished this with élan.  The scary part is you think the American people beyond your voter base can’t record your statements into history. What you say and do follows you always. But you’re too ignorant to understand us and that we understand you.

Live with it.

In 1948, the first African-American Baseball star was Jackie Robinson. He was among those started the construction of a bridge bringing all Americans closer together. The bridge isn’t perfect, but the foundation laid by Robinson and others is just as sound as it was the day he moved to the starting line-up for the Dodgers.

He fought for his rightful place in society and it wasn’t quick in coming. Integration was a long fought battle and equality isn’t existent in this world other than the moral and ethical manner in which we treat each other.

Robinson and Major League Baseball tiptoed around the issue of race on the ball field. That changed in 1948 when Robinson was heckling an umpire and opposing players from the bench as all players do during a game. The umpire took the disrespect as long as he could and then ejected Robinson from the game. Robinson wasn’t singled out as being a black ballplayer he was treated like any other player being disrespectful of an umpire.

Robinson stated later: “that made me feel great, even though I couldn’t play anymore that day.” A newspaper headline said it best the next day:  “Jackie – Just Another Guy.”

Holder: when are you going to get over this egotistical hubris and whining and recognize you’re “just another guy?”

Thanks for listening.



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