The Occupy NOLA Party Is Over, But Not Without The Strippers



Okay, so the NOLA occupiers are out of Duncan Plaza with no extension to a temporary restraining order against the city that was issued to them last week by U.S. District Judge being granted yesterday.

They will now have to carry the party elsewhere and let’s be honest, that’s what this really was.

It was an opportunity for mostly 20-something drifters to let loose inhibitions, hang out with other hipsters and throw a big bash while patting themselves on the backs for taking a courageous stand against corporate greed and corruption.

It was a helluva scam and the strip show near the end was a master stroke.





That’s right, one of the last acts of the movement at Duncan Plaza was to gather to watch the movement of performers from burlesque troupe Reverend Spooky LeStrange and the Billion Dollar Baby Dolls.

Demonstrators didn’t seem to mind that the Billion Dollar Baby Dolls–how could they not be representatives of the hated “one-percent” with a name like that?–decided to occupy a stage constructed in the plaza that had mostly been used for Woody Guthrie wannabees to belt out poorly written folk songs.

These are open-minded, tolerant people, after all, who can appreciate the artistic value of girls in pasties, g-strings and Guy Fawkes masks swaying provocatively to Pink Floyd songs.

Even though I never supported the movement, I might have been able to find some artistic value in that, myself.

Like I have said from the start, this was all a big party and all parties have to eventually end. It’s over, but somewhere in that great Animal House in the sky a toga-draped Bluto Blutarsky is giving the NOLA occupiers a respectful tip of the garland.

Some occupiers have pledged to keep fighting for their right to party and return to Duncan Plaza, even if it means going to jail. Others, of course, have to be depressed that it’s all over.

In the spirit of John Belushi, I offer this video to lift their spirits and the hopes that they will continue the fight, at least until November 2012.

It’s not safe for work, but occupiers don’t work anyway:





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