The Paranormalist President

We wonder if Barack Obama is a covert Paranormalist. A Paranormalist studies the occult sciences, or things that are hidden and possibly unexplainable. The Paranormalist may conduct experiments in psychometry; the measurement and testing of mental states. The Paranormalist believes in the possible existence of telekinesis (picking your pocket through taxation), mind reading (he’s obviously reading Greek – we speak English), sightless vision (blind to what’s really going on around him), and mind control (mass media propagandizes everything he says).

Apparently Obama has channeled, or served as a medium through whom the spirits of former presidents allegedly communicate with the living. He started channeling the thoughts, actions and spirits of Jimmy Carter. Unfortunately he’s also channeled the incompetence, political naiveté and wasteful government extension with no other purpose than to extend the technocracy. Carter may be alive but the ghost of nitwits past lives on in Obama.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was next. Obama wants to re-establish the Works Project Administration (WPA) to increase jobs in America. This requires “Federal Money” which has somehow been removed from its original definition of being “Taxpayers’ money”. Thus he wants a huge giveaway based on worthless, inflationary, over-printed money.

Next Ronald Reagan was cited as being the latest shade to pass over Obama and his policies. Reagan cut taxes. He also deregulated energy markets. Obama has raised taxes for everybody, mandated and expanded health insurance and strangled the Oilfield Industry with excessive regulation and oversight. All the while he’s spending money’s not earned, held or recoverable under present economic procedures. Reagan worked with Congress. Obama regularly bypasses it with Presidential/Executive Orders, edicts and diktats.

Now, it’s Teddy Roosevelt. Obama has channeled more dead presidents than any political engineer before him. The only real problem is each effort to channel another past administration removes us from the opportunity to see the course and progress of Obama’s efforts. Never fear, a dead-end is easily recognizable – it’s labeled with his name.

Picture him digging a trench (channeling) to move America forward and away from policies and procedures he sees as standing in the way of progress. Each effort he puts forth ends in a dead-end, a point where he stops, sees the futility of his efforts and the fact he’s getting nowhere. He turns in another direction. His poor understanding of what these stances bring about and the stagnation of American policy both internal and international are the result. Obama channels despair.

Teddy Roosevelt drained swamps during the construction of the Panama Canal. Obama has established an economic swamp with unimaginably deep quagmires to suck down all hope of fiscal advancement and solvency. Teddy cleared and created an economic artery. Obama has proven himself to be the plaque clogging these arteries. America’s heart, its economy, is sick and in need of rehabilitation.

This heart needs a specialist in economic-cardiac disease. Obama wants hospices where American ideals and values can go to die quietly and out of sight. He wants the death of America’s principles to be off to the side and away from our chance to try better treatments to correct the problem. He’d rather avoid the hard work of rehabilitation in favor of conducting premature séances over a weakening body.

He’s channeling the failures of the Roosevelt’s and Carter and ignoring the advances of Reagan and others before him because his ideological stance is solid and unyielding. He won’t be happy until America suffers a specific, peculiar, and dedicated form of socialism stifling any and all chances of ascendancy to a position of excellence.

He champions Marxist mediocrity and governmental compartmentalization over dynamic, independent self-determination and the personal profit and social advancement we were all taught was the “American Way”. He mistakes social and personal advancement as being bad because he sees bodies doing without because somebody else keeps prosperity from them. Americans see people as self-determinant and anybody can succeed if they work and move away from a sense of entitlement. Nobody ever moved forward while sitting on their acetabulum looking for a hand-out.

Somebody needs to tell this socially incompetent engineer he’s lost again, and channeling another predecessor isn’t going to help.

Thanks for listening.




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