Wilson, Teddy Roosevelt And Spoiled Thinking

So many people have no idea politics in this country was vastly different a hundred years ago than it is today. Communications was rudimentary in that day. Telegraph was “speedy”. Telephones were by no means as widespread as today. A computer was called an Abacus.

Teddy Roosevelt (and later Woodrow Wilson) created larger than life caricatures of themselves as great leaders, adventurers and war heroes. All this was accomplished by their followers creating larger than life renditions of facts only loosely stitched together on a backing of truth. The rest of the embroidered story advertised a more intrepid candidate for office.

The Progressive movement was born. Political theorists started accepting and pushing the philosophies and beliefs of Marx, Engels and other revolutionary social commentators. These people were of more elaborate educational background. They were philosophers. The people most likely to endure the regimen of less elaborate education (the common folk) held their “betters” in awe for their educations. Because the jargon was elevated and haughty in nature it was assumed the speaker knew more and better what was good for society.

The Presidency was viewed as a right to ascend to if money, breeding and education were solid enough to seem unassailable by the masses. The theory went, “the boss knows best, he’s the boss and wouldn’t be the boss unless he knew best!” It was unconscionable to suspect the boss could be an idiot inherited his fortune and company. Heaven forbid a woman tried joining this all male bastion of narrow-minded chauvinism.

People at the top felt they were there because the cream always rises to the top. They were better educated in such disciplines as logic and philosophy. They weren’t required to be logical and put their philosophies to practical ends. They were merely required to recite them, look austere and commanding and try like the dickens to not embarrass the elders. They were the primitive progenitors of what we now know as Technocrats.

A Technocrat is a person, a member of a highly skilled elite group. He’s considered a professional expert and thus worthy of being paid attention to over the voices of people having done the job practically. There’s NO requirement his discipline have any practical usage, it’s only important the less classically educated shut up and listen to one so obviously superior to them in intellect.

Teddy Roosevelt felt the average American wasn’t intelligent enough to be a good steward of the vast natural resources America enjoys. (He may have had something there at one time.) He felt so powerfully about this he started modern conservation efforts to prevent the outright destruction of natural wonders by over-use and destructive business practices. But that also placed American freedoms to enjoy and enter these wildlife areas without government controls. Potentially these rights of the average citizen to partake of those assets freely were being removed. But Teddy thought he knew best.

Woodrow Wilson was the former President of Princeton University. How’s that for an educational pedigree? He felt because the President was the ONE person elected by the people he was better aware of the direction American policy should follow. It never occurred to him he was elected only by a plurality of people actually voting in America and it wasn’t a nationwide mandate in any form of thinking. But, because he was a patrician son of the Confederacy he was sure he knew what was best for us all. He started stripping the outer layers of bark on this once majestic Tree of Liberty and it hasn’t stopped today.

Progressive politics and its usage of education to subjugate people of less education has been the rot, the fungal interloper killing the roots of our tree (our government by the people). This intruder strips the rights of the people from them while all the time advertising: “we’re doing this for your own good”. I’d suggest they understand what’s good for them.

They’ve no idea what’s good for us, but getting rid of them isn’t the only thing we could enjoy.

Spoiled milk is not the same as cream rising to the top.

Thanks for listening.



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