Yet Another Perry Ad: ‘Three Streets’

This one isn’t my favorite from a rhetorical standpoint, because it levies the same attack on Mitt Romney that Newt Gingrich cut himself on last week – “made millions laying off workers” and so on.

But it does fit a cogent narrative. Perry is an outsider and not part of the East Coast Elite, and because of that he’s Mr. Main Street, while Romney is Mr. Wall Street and Gingrich is Mr. K Street.

In Iowa, that actually might play. Nobody in Iowa identifies with Wall Street or Main Street.

Perry’s Iowa resurgence is going to depend on getting Bachmann and Santorum voters to recognize that neither of those two can win the nomination and if they want a more traditional conservative candidate they’ll have to coalesce around Perry. There’s a PPP poll out from the weekend which says Perry, Bachmann and Santorum are all at 10 percent in Iowa, and while those numbers are very suspect (Santorum doesn’t have 10 percent anywhere, I don’t think) it would indicate that Perry could get to 30 percent in Iowa if he could just capture the social conservative/traditional GOP voters there.

Saying you’re from Main Street is a way to lay claim to that vote without hacking Santorum and Bachmann to get it.

Bachmann is going around saying she’s the “only true conservative in the race,” which is ridiculous, and going after all of her opponents in flagrant violation of Reagan’s 11th Commandment. One would imagine that kind of presentation won’t play well in a GOP electorate which is fed up with the internecine attacks. But we’ll see.

Meanwhile, Romney’s numbers are up. The latest Washington Post/ABC poll nationally has Romney at 30 and Gingrich at 30, with Ron Paul coming in at 15 (Perry and Bachmann are down at 7 percent). Except the poll’s sample includes 32 percent Democrats and only 25 percent Republicans; how is that supposed to be relevant?

And then there’s this – it appears that the whining about Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal traveling up to Iowa this week to stump for Perry has begun anew. Every time Jindal travels past the state line this comes up. Interestingly enough, it’s coming from the Tara Hollis camp – you’d think those people would have gone away by now, but Hollis’ campaign manager was on Facebook this morning…

Well our Governor is at it again. He is spending our tax dollars flying to Iowa to campaign for Rick Perry. Governor Jindal please come back and take care of our state. Let Rick Perry do his own campaigning. If Tara Hollis were Governor, this kind of nonsense would not be happening.

So in other words, the people who thought Jindal was doing such a terrible job as governor that Louisiana needed to elect a schoolteacher who had no executive experience of any kind to replace him now say that the governor has to stay here and take care of us.

A memo to what’s left of the Louisiana Democrats – we don’t need politicians to take care of us. There’s a track record for that kind of thing, and it ain’t good.



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