Bonus Dueling Quotes Of The Day

First, Jan Schakowsky – who if it weren’t for Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Washerwoman Schultz would be the most obnoxious female Democrat in the House of Representatives – weighing in on the Keystone XL Pipeline on WLS-AM radio in Chicago yesterday…

Twenty thousand jobs is really not that many jobs and investing in green technologies will produce that and more. But I’ll tell you what, you know it seems to me that the Republicans would rather have an issue than a pipeline.

Schakowsky was speechless when the hosts pointed out that her union buddies are for the pipeline and are furious that her fellow Illinois Democrat Barack Obama killed it.

And second, Indiana Republican Senator Dan Coats was interviewed on the same show, leading to this quote…

Tell that to the twenty thousand people that woke up this morning and didn’t have a job to go, “Well, these don’t really matter.” I mean this not only is jobs, this is less dependence on Middle East oil. And here we have you know, the President talking about becoming energy independent but he turns down the easiest way to do that.

Our readers can decide which quote they agree with more.

Via Big Government.

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