Distorted Images

As Iowa fades into political reality’s rearview mirror we ask: what the heck happened? Did voters speak or did political operatives covertly whisper their marching orders into the ears of the unthinking? Is Romney really the anointed one or just another slick snake-oil peddler gaining traction? Is his lubricity only on the surface like his understanding of the issues, or is he just that stupid?

Throughout this preliminary cycle people wondered whether the Republicans were advancing candidates or were the Democrats helping in the selection. Romney’s devastated his credibility by proclaiming Massachusetts did what was best for Massachusetts’ citizenry with RomneyCare.

Romney says this was right for the state. He says it was a matter of “state’s rights” and therefore appropriate. He implies “state” socialized medicine is a conservative principle. He says ObamaCare is inappropriate because it is a national mandate, is unconstitutional and inappropriate.

Question: how is the abrogation (annulment or repeal) of ANY individual’s right to decide his purchases and expenditures, and the mandate to participate in a program he may have NO desire to participate in, any different when accomplished on a state level than when it’s forced on a national level? It’s still an unwarranted repeal of free-will decisions. The fact a state can say you MUST participate in any program smacks of fascism. It, in essence, requires active participation in the act of enslaving a mindset. Anytime a state can remove a right to refuse anything it becomes the director of a subservient will and that’s called slavery. Everything is decided for you by the government.

The government forces you to braid the whip. The government will use that whip to flog you into submission when they decide what’s best for you. You have NO free will to exert.

Romney is a Progressive Conservative. How’s that for an oxymoron?

It’s the belief of every jack-leg plutocratic wannabe he/she alone is capable of directing a nation. They think they alone (and later in Congress) know that an individual’s statement of the direction of his conscience violates their chance to control it. It starts with social welfare programs making individuals dependent on the state for basic services. It begins with the removal of any person’s drive to go beyond their present circumstances in order to succeed in a future time.

It’s been seen in Native American culture where the Reservation System has kept Natives down. It made them reliant on the alleged largesse and magnanimity of a federal government emotionally and morally removed from the people they sought to subjugate. They removed the Native’s drive to control his family’s subsistence, to control his life and his family’s future and that of his Native Nation. All that’s necessary is shut-up; queue up and take what’s given by a paternalistic and allegedly altruistic government couldn’t give a blip about them in reality.

Now RomneyCare and ObamaCare are the signature moves of a government continually believing it alone know what’s best for all, no matter how many individuals they crush accomplishing their goals of subjugation and servitude to the state.

Romney THINKS he knows what’s best; just like Obama. He thinks there’s a difference between a state taking away the rights of a people to say “NO”, and when it’s done on a national level.

There is no difference. There is only the realization we stand at the crossroad of despair and denial. We’re in danger of accepting a choice between the fox and the vixen, the tiger and the great white shark; a Marxist revolutionary and a petit-Socialist fool thinking he’s different. They’re all carnivores feeding on our political inertia.

Throughout the history of this political horse-spit (sic) peddler’s convention we’ve seen some who are more or less the mirror image each other on many issues. The saddest part of this campaign is we, as the people walking the midway of this freak show should see the boundaries of the fun-house mirrors. We should see the ways they distort the realities. We should recognize the image projected is badly, severely distorted. But, we don’t because we’re too busy being amused by it all.

This is no fun-house people. This is your future.

Thanks for listening.

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