Froma Harrop Is A Good Sport; What About Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

Via rdbrewer at Ace, Last night the Daily Show did an interview with Froma Harrop, the left-wing syndicated columnist who last August called the Tea Party a bunch of economic terrorists who, like Al Qaeda, seek to “restore some fantasy caliphate” based on the movement’s protest of government driving the country further and further in debt (which is current again since the president just asked for another trillion-dollar increase in the debt ceiling and the same fights over the federal budget which prevailed last year will be played out again).

Turns out Froma Harrop is also the head of the National Conference of Editorial Writers, which is engaged in something called the Civility Project aimed at calming down the partisan rhetoric in politics.

Which makes perfect sense, right?

So the Daily Show goes to talk to Froma Harrop and comes out with something really, really funny.

(Link in case the embed doesn’t work)

Harrop was in on the gag and played along, or at least she says so. She should get credit for recognizing she sounded like a dunce by using incendiary rhetoric against people she disagrees with while at the same time trying to promote civility.

So while she still makes no sense whatsoever (she says a lot of her reasoning ended up on the cutting room floor), at least recognizes how stupid she looked and is willing to make fun of herself for it.

OK, how about Debbie Wasserman Schultz? Is she in on the gag?

Froma Harrop agreed to get trashed on the Daily Show for her inconsistency. Anybody think Debbie Downer is going to submit to the same?

Or is she just that lacking in perspective?

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