Obama’s Gambling Problem

Success isn’t always part of “Free” Enterprise or Capitalism when practiced by the Federal government. A look at Solyndra shows the incompetence of the administration where it pertains to gambling your taxes away as investment capital.

When a person decides he/she has an idea for a business he forges the links of entrepreneurship. This is where he does the research, crunches the numbers and develops the path he’ll follow to give birth to his dreams of operating his own business and possibly employ others. He could impact local, state, regional and maybe even the national economies. It’s a thrill many people experience each year. Some succeed. Others fail.

That’s where the element of Risk enters into a volatile equation only the market can determine the outcome of for the business. Risk is the potential of a chosen action or activity (including the choice of inaction) leading to an undesirable outcome. The notion implies that a choice influences the outcome. Potential losses themselves may also be called “risks”. (Wikipedia 2012). Risk is involved in ANY and ALL activities conducted by man.

But somewhere along the line people have taken to the notion they shouldn’t suffer any risk. They believe risk must be driven to the lowest possible potential in order to assure profit. But, this isn’t the natural order of things. ”Risk is involved in ANY and ALL activities conducted by man.” Get out of bed; you run the risk of not ever getting back into that same bed. Drink something; you could aspirate and choke. Cross the street; you could get hit by a vehicle. Every activity, no matter how benign, carries an element of risk. From some such risks there are NO bail-outs. . But bail-outs aren’t necessarily a strictly Democratic Party problem. Republicans are just as guilty of cronyism as anybody.

So where does this belief come from that you should suffer no risk? Ill-advised and easily exploited social programs lead the list of prime and misguided programs allowing for people to fail in recognizing the risks of their behaviors. Don’t believe it? Think again.

The entrepreneur looks for investment capital to start the business. He may take out a loan against future profits. He may seek partnership with others he’ll share profits with in the future. He may do as is becoming a problem in America; seek taxpayers’ dollars to assure, ensure and be sure they’ll have a political connection to keep them solvent. Obama likes making friends with your money. It’s the Technocratic way to behave.

Technocratic bureaucracy is the mortal enemy of Capitalistic Free Enterprise; the backbone of the American Economy. Where self-proclaimed experts with accumulated and manufactured resume’s can direct the day to day operation of any company by mandates, edicts, diktats and regulations, business runs the risk of failure. This is a benign as well as an active construct.

If the government technocrat gives the money to the industry with little or no oversight, there can be mismanagement and collapse of the industry. This is the benign element of bureaucratic interference. Where the technocratic bureaucracy feels it’s best they regulate and oversee too tightly, as in mandates, edicts, arbitrary and pernicious regulations issued solely for the purpose of showing the bureaucracy’s right and ability to direct operations. This is the active consequence of active interference.

Solyndra is an example of governmental/bureaucratic/technocratic interference resulting in the death of a company from its own mismanagement but also from a laissez-faire attitude of giving away what isn’t yours and not controlling the usage of funds you gave away.

A little misdirected power is a dangerous thing. Just because you’re the president doesn’t mean you’re a good gambler with taxpayers’ money. And Obama has used that very word (gamble) in a speech while trying to justify giving money to “green” companies to end our reliance on fossil fuels.

Obama is neither an economist nor a businessman. He’s a professional politician with a penchant for big dreams broadcast from a bigger ego. He’s got a really small footprint in the real world. He employs technocrats not knowing whether they’re competent or not.

This guy’s gambling with your country’s future.

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