Jim Clyburn Is A Race-Baiting Scumbag, But Of Course You Already Knew That…

…wouldn’t you like to see some proof?

It’s this precise mentality which is keeping the “black community” down. Like Gingrich said, only the elites despise earning money. For Clyburn to suggest that in any way it’s degrading for somebody to be working is evidence of a terribly diseased mentality.

Let’s say Gingrich’s program goes into effect and there are kids in a given school who are doing work after school to earn extra money because they’re poor, and the kids who aren’t poor are making fun of the kids who are working. Naturally, in Clyburn’s little brain the rich goofs are all white and the broke mop-pushers are all black – because that’s just the only way it’s ever worked out in this country.

Wouldn’t that provide a damn good opportunity for the folks running that school to hold up the poor kids as an example to the rich kids and say “These kids are learning a lot more here than you are. They’ll have job skills when they get out of here you won’t have, because they’re not opposed to getting their hands dirty and doing a job. You think your poop doesn’t stink. And when you’re trying to get a job, when your folks are finally tired of feeding and clothing and entertaining you, these kids will have a leg up on you; they’ll already be working and they’ll already probably have gotten a promotion before you even have your first job.

“Think about that before you smart off or make fun of them. This is school; out there is real life. And they’re learning something you’re not.”

Clyburn might not be lying about going to work on a milk truck when he was a kid. He’s clearly forgotten the lessons that job taught him; either that, or he never learned them in the first place.

This is, by the way, the 3rd-ranking Democrat in the U.S. House of Representatives. What does that say for the leadership of that party?

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