The Not-Quite ‘I Have A Dream’ Post

I had a dream. It might have been a hallucination but I awoke where I belonged and wasn’t wearing anybody else’s undergarments. I’m pretty sure it was a dream. But I thought I’d tell you about it just for schkittz and giggles.

It all started when I was abducted by aliens. Little non-native people speaking a strange language and earning unskilled laborers’ wages to be sent home to family in a land called Southofsomeborder. I think they spoke tacobelly or something like that. They were taking over.

Anyhoo, I realized it was an erection year. You know, when every politician rises to the occasion and sticks it to his neighbor. The entire complexion of the race produced a horse of a different color. Maybe it was a donkey but there was also a pink elephant. They regularly squared off, directing people’s attention away from what was really important. You know; like issues.

Somebody tried figuring out how to make elections more reflective of people wishes and assure they were represented. He suggested for an issue to be reflective of the people’s wishes it must first have the bright light o’ day shined on it to show people what was going on. That confused people because they’d never had the light shined on anything having an impact on their lives before.

It was suggested ALL issues would be broadcast, advertised and presented to the people before they could be voted on. Then the votes were delivered after tabulation, registration and recordation so House and Senate representatives couldn’t weasel their way out of knowing just what their people thought of the ideas. They could still vote according to that miniscule and infinitesimally diminutive aspect of political shadow-craft (their conscience) but it would be traceable what their vote was and how it differed from the voters.

Then there was the really weird thought: what if we, the people who elected these guys, had control of how much and how often they were paid? Just think of it. Your representative or senator having to come to you every few years for a raise, or an increase in benefits or more interestingly, for an evaluation by the people put them in office? They weren’t elected by the federal government, why should the federal government pay them?

Suppose you didn’t think the guy should be outright fired by recall in his district only. You could offer him an incentive to try harder; like simply refusing to give him a raise until his work performance indicated he had HIS head firmly in the game on YOUR behalf. It’s the same program you must follow at your workplace isn’t it? If your work performance sucks don’t you get sanctioned and run the risk of being fired? What makes these guys and gals different from you? You could still fire him later.

Just asking.

Anyhoo, the dream went on and it was decided the country would be run by three separate and different elements of government. A piece of paper defined the structure, make-up, components and constituent elements acting equally as representatives of the people. Not a one of them could overshadow or displace the strengths of the others. Each one acted as a check or balance against the possible mistakes of the others. It was cool in the way it formed a foundation of equality of representation and was PROTECTIVE of the rights of all men and women. There was even a written enumeration of people’s individual rights. It was funnier than all get-out because, for a change, the government became responsive to the people it worked for; rather than the government working to make everybody work for it.

The dream went on and on for a while as it was easier to get rid of phonies and parasites wanting to redistribute this and apportion that and in general slide the blinders over the eyes of the people in the country.

It was wonderful. I awoke refreshed and feeling great. Then I realized nothing had changed and America was still being run by a bunch of grubby wannabes.

So what was it: a dream or a hallucination?

You decide.

Thanks for listening.



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