We’re Being Shorted Again

‘Short Selling’ is selling a security the seller does not own, or any sale that is completed by the delivery of a security borrowed by the seller. Short sellers assume that they will be able to buy the stock at a lower amount than the price at which they sold short.                                                                                                                                – Investopedia.com 2012

John Boehner responded to Harry Reid’s bedraggled stance as reprobate Senate Leader concerning the Payroll Tax Extension. Boehner rejected temporarily extending the tax cuts for one year. He caved to allow relief for two months as opposed to one year’s relief.

How bright is that?

This is another example of Congress “selling short” where it concerns the American people. Boehner and his cronies were sent to Washington to do a job. Evidently the job they define as government has a strange and strong semblance to the world’s oldest profession. One group prostitutes itself and its alleged principles for the quick solution and easiest answer to any question while the other reclines on the courtesan’s chaise smugly giving the impression they’re better than the lesser and thus, more common street walker. The Senate prevails with Reid giving a tepid definition of government being an action requiring compromise and the nature of the beast needing servicing as often as he sees fit. Boehner apparently agrees.

Boehner, in his baritone and stentorian rumble, spoke glowingly of the bi-partisan effort to forestall yet another collapse of the Federal government and the need to pass “compromise” legislation. So, in reference to his actions, he sold a security he doesn’t own (the full faith and trust of the American people) in order to be home for the holidays. Boehner did this thinking he could count on the fallibility of the average voter’s memory and his/her inability to call him on his actions. We’re here to do that.

The Congress allegedly needed time to develop a list of proficient members to consider, study and develop a plan to optimize unemployment compensation. That means another committee will be formed so you and I can believe the Congress is doing something about unemployment.

That means another congregation of self-serving pratts (dim witted, useless, clueless nitwits) will convene in the palatial confines of an oak and/or walnut paneled infirmary to discuss the atrophy of the American economy. They’ll then find they can’t agree on squat and adjourn to the hallways outside of said paneled restroom and make vapid commentary concerning the stubbornness of the opposition. Each of the liars is a bigger liar than the other.

It’s tedious.

Boehner and Reid are what we call “old school”. They were figuratively raised and nurtured by politicians fully involved in the corrupt culture of governmental theft by fiscal irresponsibility and the process of sacrificing the needs of the people in favor of the gains of the official. Now it’s a benign form of graft exploiting insider trading in the stock exchange and the displacement of over-sized envelops stuffed with cash in favor of ever enlarging campaign contributions. Nowhere is the benefit of the American people evidenced.

A new batch of congressional representatives was sent to Washington to begin the process of change. They are high on ideals and long on the perception of their own integrity. Some even say they are fighting for the people they represent and show it each time THEY REFUSE TO SACRIFICE THEIR PRINCIPLES IN FAVOR OF THE SAME OLD WAY OF DOING BUSINESS. They vote according to their perception of what their constituencies want; not merely what they see as best for their position on any issue. But they’re becoming frustrated by the process.

Reid and Boehner have sold short the American people. They’ve continually taken what isn’t theirs and wagered they can get back what they bought cheaply, in favor of gaining more in the final trade. The American people are tired of being shorted again and again by their representatives saying one thing and then doing another most assured to be beneficial for the representative.

They gamble with the people’s trust and selling that short is not a good idea in the long run. It’s not a constantly replenishing resource.

Thanks for listening.

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